Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Three

A couple weeks ago, Travis asked over Skype, "When are you going to spill the beans on your blog about being pregnant? I'm just surprised you haven't yet. I know how much you love all the attention."
I responded that announcing I was pregnant would take all the attention off me, and put it on to the baby and I didn't want the baby getting all my attention, but let's be clear: That was a joke.
He's right about one thing, though. I do love talking about this baby.
The weirdest thing about not having it up on the blog, was not sharing funny little stories and comments about the boys or Travis, or sharing any of the selfies I take to text to Travis and my Mom.
Like this one, when I inexplicably looked 5 months pregnant at like 10 weeks. Or this ultrasound, wherein you can't see anything interesting except that there's definitely only one baby.

And here are some of our little baby/pregnancy stories from lately:

Micah is 100% convinced that there is a baby in his belly.
He gets mad when I say otherwise. When asked if the baby is a brother or sister, he always says "sister."

Grey talks about the baby all the time, too. He likes to compare everything to a baby now.
"This mine tiny, baby football," he'll say, rocking a football in his arms and shushing it.  He'll tuck his digger into a blanket and whisper, "Ni-night baby digger, I love you."
Well, I'll take it.

A couple days after Travis and I had found out I was pregnant, a friend came to visit with her newborn baby. Travis and the boys were hiding away in my room from our guests, but before they left, I asked if I could bring the baby in to see them.
She was wrapped up tight and sleeping through all the noise.
"Look," I said, coming into the bedroom. "I brought you a baby to see."
Micah held out his arms, "I have that baby, Mom," he said.
I was really surprised, since they usually aren't into babies at all. I decided to let him try to hold the baby (with his Dad's help.)
"Oh, baby," Micah whispered, leaning close to her face. "Look, her tiny nose! Open your eyes, baby, wake up!"
He tried to gently open her eyes.
"Don't!" I said, "Just let her sleep. Can you see her ears?"
Grey scooted over and helped Micah locate the baby's ears, both of which were cooed and whispered over.
"Daddy!" Grey said in surprise, "Baby so soft hair." He kissed the top of her head without prompting.
And I melted into a big puddle.

Another friend recently had her baby. She came over a few days before the baby was born, and I pointed her stomach out to Grey.
"See? her belly is big, because there's a baby in it," I said. "Just like there's a baby in Mama's belly." Grey stared at Casey and whispered, "Her baby big?"
"Yep! and the baby in my belly will get big, too."

Less than a week later, I took the boys to visit the new baby at the hospital. I tried to explain that this was Casey's baby, and that he had come out of her belly and would live with them now.
Grey kept his little brow furrowed, and kept looking from the baby to Casey.
"Mom's baby come out, too?" he asked.
"Yes! When it's nice and big. First it has to grow in my belly."
When the nurse came to take the baby away for his hearing test, my kids panicked, "Where the baby? Baby come back!" they kept saying.
As we left the newborn ward, we stopped and peeked at the babies in the nursery.
"That one mine baby," said Micah, pointing at a baby.
"Do you want him to come home with us?" I asked.
"Oh, yes, please!"

I doubt that the boys will always be so sweet, and soft, and excited about a new baby actually coming to live with us. But I'm so happy that in the mean time, we can talk about the baby and they are starting to understand what I'm saying. I'm especially glad that so many of our friends are having babies!
I feel so grateful that I'm pregnant, that I'm almost embarrassed or ashamed to admit it to people. Especially since I know so many women who are struggling to get pregnant or have suffered miscarriages lately.
But yes.
There's a baby coming.
And it will be here at the end of April.

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Yolo Momma said...

Please tell me you'll find out the gender, which should be coming up soon right?

Jo Schaeffer-Crabb said...

I'm so happy for you. This will be so fun to follow so I can pretend like we will have the same experiences if I can ever freaking get pregnant. We fall into the struggling category you mentioned. Going on 15 months. Ugh. Who even knew secondary infertility was a thing? Not this girl, that's for damn sure. Anyway, I will blissfully follow your lovely life except for the occasional times I feel sorry for myself. :) I have lots of questions I will send your way soon. Much love to your growing fam.

Karina Marie Powell said...

SOOO exciting! Congratulations!!!

Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Still so excited for you. And when we had our ultrasound at 8 weeks and the doctor said there is only 1 baby and i was very relieved and thought of you finding out you were having twins!

Casey said...


Becca said...

Soooo exciting!!!! Congratulations to you and your sweet family!!