Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Conversations with Two-Year olds

On Sunday morning, as I pulled my dress over my head before church, Micah stepped back, looked me up and down and said, "Hey, Mom. You look awesome."
I mean, seriously? Two-year old ladies look out. In 20 years you are going to have quite the charmer on your hands.
Also, after being so flattered, I made Travis take a picture of me, and then I was joined by my complimentary friend:
These pictures are otherwise unrelated to this post. 11.24.13 (18 Weeks, I think?)
Once again, throughout the week I've just recorded all the little funny moments and comments throughout the week. I love having a smart phone, where I can immediately write down all the things the say. It's hard when it's not immediately available, because I know I forgot so much stuff!
Well, as the boys become more hilarious and better at speaking, I suspect this will become a weekly feature.
Here you go, my friends. Conversations with two-year olds:

Grey: Micah, don't go in the street.
Micah: Okay, Grey.
Grey: If a car coming, you get owies. DON'T GO IN THE STREET.
Micah: Mom! Grey's being a boss to me!

Micah: Your daddy at work?
Elanor: Yes. Your daddy is at work, too?
Me: All the daddies are at work, huh?
Micah: Your Daddy, too, Mom? Grandpa at work?

Micah: Hey Mom, don't be scared, okay? Imma punch the monsters and save you, okay Mom?

Me: Grey you can't watch that, it's too scary. It's about monsters.
Grey: But Mom! I love monsters!

Me: I have a new doctor-
Micah: It's Doctor Who!

Me: We'll go to the movie theatre when Daddy comes home.
Micah: In two weeks?
Travis: No, I'll be back this afternoon!
Micah: In just two days?

Micah: Imma get down.
Me: Thanks for sitting with me for a minute.
Micah: No problem.

Micah: I'm drawing my mom, and that's YOU!

Me: Shhh
Micah (whispers): but I'm already being quiet.

Grey: Hey! Pause Dr. Who when I take a nap! I watch it when I wake up, okay?

Me: Hmm... What should we have for dinner?
Grey: Tea?
Me: that doesn't seem very substantial.
Grey: Okay. How 'bout bananas?

Grey: Look this puppy I found!
Me: His name is Ruff
Grey: Hello, Ruff. I love you, Ruff. Mom, I love Ruff.

Travis: What color is this button?
Grey: Red
Travis: That's right! What color is this marker?
Grey, I think red, also.

Grey: What's that?
Me: It's lipstick. Do you like it?
Grey: Can I wear some?
Me: No. It's just for Moms, but you can give me a kiss.
Grey: Um. No. I don't like kissing lipstick.

Grey: I'm peeing!
Me: Yay!
Grey: You hear it with your ears? You see my pee, with your eye?

Micah: Grey hit me in my ball!
Me: What? Where did he hit you?
Micah: Here! On my ball-eye!
Me: Your eyeball?
Micah: Yes! He hit my eyeball!

Grey: Good job, Micah.
Micah: Thanks, Grey. Nice work.

Micah: I'm pooping!
Grey: RUN!

Micah: Grey has my baby!
Travis: Well, he's playing with it. So you have to wait until he's done playing with it.
Micah: No. I'll just punch him.

Micah: I burped!
Me: What do you say?
Micah: Excuse me!
Travis: No! Say, "Nice burp!"
Micah: **Huge fake burp** NICE BURP!
Me: Stop teaching them bad things! I am trying to teach them to have good manners!
Micah: No, Mom! It's Daddy and Micah time!
Grey: Go away, Mom! Get out of here!
Travis: We're doing manly things!
Me: What?!
Travis: Okay. Stop picking on your mom, she's my favorite!
Micah: No, Dad!
Travis: Yes! I love her! She's my favorite!
Grey: Stop! Don't kiss my mom again!
Travis: She's my wife! I can kiss her!
Grey: No, you can't! She's my mom!

Travis: You can go to sleep in your own bed, because you're a big boy.
Micah: No! I'm not! I'm a baby! I'm a baby! Stay with me, I'm a baby!

**Driving by a little Asian man standing at a bus stop**
Grey: Look! There's my Daddy! Hi Daddy!
Micah: That's not Daddy. It's Mom! Hi Mom!

Micah: Look at my belly!
Me: Wow! What a big, full belly! What's in there?
Micah: Poop!

**Grey opens the washing machine door and screams inside**
**Turns to me, and says calmly**
Grey: It's okay, Mom. Nobody in there. It's safe.

Me: Oh, I got an owie on my finger!
Grey: Daddy attacked you?
Me: What?! No! He didn't attack me!
Grey: Huh. Well, Micah attacked me.

** I wanted to look up on my phone if I was 18 weeks or 19 weeks pregnant for this blogpost.**
Me: Do you guys know where my phone is? I need it quick.
Grey: No. I not have it.
Micah: I have it!
Me: Oh, good! I can use it, please?
**I stretch out my hand to take my phone, and Micah mimes handing me something. He doesn't actually have my phone. It is imaginary.**
Me: Oh. Thanks, I guess. This isn't really what I need.
Micah: Well? Call somebody, Mom.

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Sarah said...

I love when you post your conversations with your boys! too funny.

Marge Bjork said...

Pleeeeaaase make this a regular thing because I love it. Also, can I go to your Doctor?

Unknown said...

Aw a giggle at your boys conversations is just what I needed as I snuggle here next to my 6 month old twinsies. Unfortunately my snorting (sleep deprived) laughter woke them up >_<