Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Suddenly, we have conversations with the boys all day. It's my favorite thing ever.

Me: Why is Grey crying?
Micah: Because I punched him in the eye!
Me: Why do you sound so happy then?
Micah: I just love Grey so much!

Travis: Time me doing this puzzle! Okay, go!
**Travis does a children's puzzle**
Me: It took 2 minutes.
Travis: Now you do it and I'll time you!
Me: I don't want to.
Travis: Just do it! Do it! Do it! I'll time you!
Me: Okay, I'm ready.
Travis: Go!
**I do a children's puzzle**
Me: Okay, I'm done.
Travis: WHAT?! You did it in a minute and a half!
Me: So? You did it in two minutes.
Travis: But I was cheating!

Travis: Look at the moon!
Grey: Oh, the moon turned it's lights on!

** after we went over a big bump while driving**
Me: Oomph! That was rough!
Travis: I'm sorry! It was worse than I expected.
Micah: You alright, Mom?
Me: Yes, I'm okay. Thank you.
Micah: Mom, did Daddy hit you?
Me: What? No! Of course not, honey! We just went over a big bump. Daddy would never hit me.
Travis: Yikes, you say things like that it will get me in trouble.
Micah: Oh. You alright, Daddy? You sad?
Travis: No. Not sad.
Micah: You love Mommy? No hit Mom, okay?

Micah: Hey! Tigger! You going a time-out in this corner!
**flips his toy Tigger over and hits his butt**
Micah: No being bad, Tigger!
Travis: What did Tigger do that was bad?
Micah: He just being naughty!
Micah: Okay, Tigger. You come out time-out now. I love you, okay? No being naughty.

Me: We're going to see the temple, and the temple is a special place, because the temple is where our family was made! Who's our family?
Grey: This is, Mom!
Me: That's right! Our family is Mom and Dad, Grey, and Micah and the new baby!
Micah: Me too! And Grey!
Travis: That's right! And Mom and Daddy were married there, so our family can be together forever!
Grey: Jesus do it?
Me: What?
Grey: Jesus make a family?
Travis: Yes, Jesus made our family.
Grey: Jesus at a temple now?
Micah: Yes, Grey! And Heavenly Father at a temple, too!

Travis: Well, my Mom is my mom and my Grandma is my grandma.
Me: Okay?
Travis: My Mom is my mom, and my Grandma is my Dad's mom. And my Grandma is my Mom's mother-in-law, and my Mom is your mother-in-law.
Me: Yes?
Travis: Why do you sound so confused?
Me: I'm just not sure I get where you're going with this.
Travis: What's to get? You are a daughter-in-law, and my Mom is a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, and my Grandma was a mother-in-law, but you're all different people.
Me: Yeah, I get that, but...
Travis: But, what?! That's it.  That's all I'm trying to say.
Me: All you're trying to say is that we're three different women?
Travis: Yes!
Me: Why did you say it so confusing then?
Travis: What was confusing about it? Nothing! You're just all different! That's all!
Me: Even though we have similar relationships?
Travis: Yes! Seriously, why are you confused by this?

**Micah pulls up his shirt and looks at his stomach**
Micah:  Oh no! Where my baby sister go?
Me: There's not a baby in your belly, remember? The baby is in my belly.
Micah: NO! My belly! **puts his hands on his stomach, big sigh**
Micah: Shhh! Alright, Mom. Baby Sister just sleeping.

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Lana said...

So is the consensus a sister then? :)