Monday, December 9, 2013

Photo a Day: Dec 1 - 7

This week in photos is so adorably brothery and wintery. It was a good week. Even though I was a bit stressed and frustrated, and really, really tired every night by 8:30 (sorry your wife is the lamest ever, Poor Husband), every day this week was a good day. 
I don't know if you other moms do this, but the moment my husband gets home I want to give him a recap of the whole day (whether he likes it or not.) Sometimes it goes like this:
"Micah pooped his pants twice and Grey emptied cereal on to the floor, and they both spent an hour in timeout, and of course nobody took a nap, and I'M GOING TO KILL THEM unless you take over right now and let me take a hot bath."
And sometimes it's like this, "We went to the library and both boys peed on the potty there! Then our friends came over and the boys slept for two hours so I could get dinner started and work on a quilt, which is why I'm feeling happy. And look! I did three loads of laundry, which are already folded and put away!"
Even though most days are not nearly so perfect, this whole week has been a lot closer to the good end of that spectrum. I sure love my silly, happy boys. And I love them the most when we are all in good moods. 

 Sun: After church Grey fell asleep on the couch in the middle of a peanut butter sandwich, something that almost never happens!

 Mon: Things are getting frosty around here! // Tues: My Micah loves the snow.

 Wed: They have the same sense of humor: the kind that thinks farting on command is hilarious. (Is this a normal skill for boys to develop?)

Thurs: Getting ready to head out the door. // Fri: They wouldn't sit with Santa but they took over his chair for a silly picture.

Sat: Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree. How lovely are thy branches.

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