Friday, January 10, 2014


Roald Dahl always signed letters to his mother "Boy."
I wonder if she called him that often.
I predict that is the nickname this baby brother will have, because that is what Grey and Micah call him.
I want to feel baby Boy.
I want to hear Boy's heartbeat.

I like it.

Boy is SO wiggly. At my last trip to the baby-doctor, my OB held a Doppler on my stomach to listen to his heartbeat.
She furrowed her brow in momentary concern when we couldn't immediately hear his heart. But then we heard the swishing, staticky crackle that indicates movement.
"He's in there wiggling," she said. "Can you feel it?"
There was a pause in the static, and then it redoubled as Boy kicked and turned and punched me in the gut.
We listened to this ruckus for a few minutes. Every so often there would be a pause of a few seconds when we could hear the steady whoosh-whoosh of Boy's heartbeat, and then the wiggling would continue.
My doctor tried for a while to get a good, constant heartbeat- before she gave up and actually sat down to laugh.
"Well, I think you have a maniac on your hands," she said.

Oh yes. This is all familiar to me. With the twins it was not uncommon for NSTs (which need to monitor a baby's heartbeat for about 15 consecutive minutes) to last HOURS, because my kids wouldn't just hold still enough!

I can feel baby Boy moving constantly. All day and all night. Micah has felt him kick several times and loves it, though Grey doesn't have the patience to sit with his hand on my stomach.
With my first pregnancy, Micah was moving from head down to head up every few hours when I was 35 weeks along. (You think he'd be too squished to do such acrobatics!)
And Grey gave me a uterine bruise from kicking me.
I assumed that I would feel less movement with one baby, and was prepared to constantly be worried that I wasn't sure everything was going well. But it turns out that, with more (ahem) womb to move, I can feel Boy moving at least as much as I felt his brothers.
At least we know, he's going to fit right into the household of early walkers, high jumpers, cupboard climbers, hard-kickers and um... BOYS.

I think we'll form a soccer team.

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Unknown said...

We'll join that soccer team! Boys are the best. However I don't know how athletic we are. James might be a good goalie. Love you and can't wait to meet this little guy!

Becky said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time now. Since just before you had your boys. I always found your story and twins in general just so fascinating. Last week, I found out that I am pregnant with twins. I am excited and scared. I am encouraged by your story and it gives me hope that I can do this. I can make it through this twin pregnancy and enjoy two babies at once... even though I'm scared by this new blessing in my life. So, in conclusion. Thank you for writing.