Thursday, January 16, 2014

Conversations with Two-Year Olds

Several people have asked about my kids speech because of these posts- so here's what I think about THAT touchy subject. Just as I was surprised by everyone's obsession with breastfeeding when my kids were newborns, I've been surprised by everyone's obsession with "speech development" now that my kids are older.
But I pretty much feel the same way about speech as I did about breastfeeding (and almost all things).
Kids are all different.

My kids are almost three, and they spend all day with each other and an extremely loquacious mother. (Whenever there's a lull in my constant talking, the boys will say, "Talk, Mom. Talk to me what you're doing." Because they're USED to my incessant chatter.)
We hang out with a lot of other kids within a year or so of the boys age. Some are much more verbal than my boys and some are way less verbal.
I used to hear these unbelievable phrases come out of other kids' mouths and think, "Holy crap. My kids are idiots."
But the thing is, kids are different.
My kids are not smarter or dumber than other three year olds. Some kids just talk more.
One day, talking clicked. All of a sudden, about two months ago, the boys figured out how to have conversations.
And I'm really grateful, because they're so funny and we get to play together differently than we did when they were mostly nonverbal. But yeah.
Basically, I think everyone is obsessed with "hitting milestones" at specific times- and I think that's silly.
But anyway. Off topic and preachy. Sorry.

Here are funny things instead. Funny things are better:

Grey: I need to say goodbye to daddy again.
Me: He left 10 minutes ago, honey. Sorry.
Grey: But he needs my hugs and kisses at work!

Me: Do you know what color this is? It's the color gray. These mittens are gray, and your pants are gray, and this couch is gray.
Micah: And this couch is me.
Me: No. This couch is red. I know it's hard, but gray is the name of your brother and a color.
Micah: And Micah is me, and this couch is me.

Grey: What you doing?
Me: I'm chopping onions.
Grey: No! My eyes are burning! I have to wash them! Stop chopping onions!
Me: No, we need these for dinner so I have to chop them up quick.
Grey: I need to hide from the onions so they don't burn my eyes!

Grey: When I'm big like Daddy, I guess I'll grow all the way UP THERE! **Fist pumps to the sky**

Grey: Grandpa Mike, uh Jim? uh, Grandpa Dave is following us?
Me: Yes, but honey- you can just say "Grandpa." You have a lot, so you don't need to call them all by their names.
Grey: I DO have a lot of grandpas! And I love all the grandpas!

Grey: Thank you for helping me, Micah.
Micah: You're welcome SO MUCH, Grey!

Micah: Hey, Mom- loooook! I got a cookie and I didn't eat my dinner.

Micah: Heavenly Father, thank you today. Thank you my bed, thank you my sword. Thank you my pants, and my dinosaur pickle. Please bless my sword and my ball, and sleep well.
Jesus Christ, Amen.

Micah: I went sledding!
Grandpa: How fast did you go?
Micah: Twenty minutes with both my two hands!

Me: I have to go wipe Micah's face, he's covered in yogurt.
Grey: I lick it off Mom, I'm a puppy and I love yogurt.

Micah: Mom, you not look pretty.
Grey: Shh, Micah. Don't say that. Mama ARE very pretty.

Micah: This is my special mess I made. Don't clean it up!

Micah: Daddy doesn't have arms, and Mom has a penis. Hahaha!

Grey: Careful, ice, Mom! I want you to not get hurt.

Micah: Whobody is here?
Grey: Just us.
Micah: You and me, and our family people are here?

Me: Oh! Baby Boy is really wiggling.
Micah: He's doing exercise?

Micah: Mom, I not like angels.
Me: Oh, no?
Micah: But you like angels. Boys like angels, like Daddy and Grey.
Grey: I do like angels!
Micah: Hmm. I guess I like angels again.

Me: Come feel Baby Brother kicking.
Grey: He's awake? And doing stuff?
Me: Yep.
Grey: What he is eating for breakfast?

Micah (Praying): Thank you Grey is my happy brother. Thank you Mom is pretty, and my Daddy  is handsome.

Micah: Blankies can't fly. Blankies can only walk. But snakes can fly, I think.

Grey: Are you still sick or are you happy?
Micah: I'm still sick, but I'm a little bit happy

Grey: I want Santa to come to my room again.
Me: Sorry, no more presents from Santa until next Christmas, and that's not for a long time.
Micah: Hmm. Can I have a birthday present then?

Grey: My eye! It's broken!

Me: Okay, we're going to talk about the prophet tonight.
Micah: I'll get the Jesus and angels book! **Runs and gets the Bible**
Everyone shhhh. It's time to be quiet and listen about Jesus.

Grey: Babies are cool. This little baby is so cute!
Micah: This baby is so tiny! Not like me, I'm big like Mom. But Dad is bigger than Mom.

Me: What do you guys want for breakfast?
Grey: Eggs!
Micah: Grey, say eggs! Tell Mom to make eggs!
Grey: I did! I did say eggs! 
Micah: Hurray! Eggs for us!

Grey: Micah, you alright?
Micah: Yeah, I can just try again.

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Jocelyn said...

I look forward to these posts every week. Your boys are so funny; these seriously crack me up. :)

Becca said...

Seriously hilarious!!! I love the "special mess don't clean it up" Too funny!!!!

little daisy chains. said...

So cute, love reading these :)

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