Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Story

This is a story about two little boys who always want to do whatever I'm doing. Am I vacuuming? They would like to vacuum, too. Am I reading? Sewing? Doing dishes? Texting my mom?
Whatever I'm doing, no matter how menial, is of utmost interest to Grey and Micah.
I want them to see me doing things that I want them to emulate. And so sometimes, even if they're in my way- I try to let them join me. 
And the results usually make me really happy, even if I am unable to actually fulfill my original intention.

 I bought myself flowers. They were so pretty, I decided to take their picture.
I was immediately interrupted by a little boy that also thought the flowers were pretty.

And they smelled pretty good.

 Please note his crazy hair and milk mustache. He was mid-way through breakfast.

 And then he noticed that I was taking his picture, not the flowers'.

"You can't see your flowers, Mom! I hiding them from you."

 Then he asked to take my picture. He told me to hold the flowers and smell them. The above picture is out of focus, but he framed it really intentionally. He looked through the view finder, he adjusted his position, took a few steps back before clicking. My Grey. He is already a little artist.

We were joined by the brother, who also wanted to take a picture. He wanted us to sit together and hold the flowers "up by your faces." Micah didn't do quite as good a job framing his shots as Grey, but he was still happy with the results.

I love Grey's hand in the above picture, helping me hold the flowers.
Anything Mom can do, little boys can do, too.

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Alissa Moghtaderi said...

I nominate this for post of the year.

Casey said...

I love this. And they are great photographers!

Natalie said...

this is the sweetest.