Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo a Day: Feb 16 - 22

This week was lovely! Practically spring most days (although, it did snow, so that was confusing.) It's fun watching my pictures for photo-a-day evolve. Most weeks every picture I post is by me or, if I request that someone take my picture for a change - then 5 or 6 pictures a week are still by me. 
This week, I took three of these pictures. My mother in law took the first one, Travis took one of my belly, and Grey and Micah each took one of their brother. 
And frankly, the one's they took of each other are some of my favorite pictures of the week! It's funny to imagine them in two or three years, carrying around giant cameras. I wonder if they'll be able to shoot manually without any help by them. 
As I'm typing this, it's Sunday night. 7:00pm. My adorable husband is wrestling with my children in the front yard. It's actually too dark for me to really see them through the window, but I can sure hear a lot of giggling. Today we picnicked in the yard for lunch and dinner, and Grey asked, "It's not wintertime anymore, is it Mom? It's summertime!"
Sigh. If only. 
I really, really love the winter. Until about the end of February. Then I'm ready for spring. 
Oh, now they're counting stars. I mean. How cute are they? Very cute. I have a happy family and I am so grateful. Here are some pictures to prove it.

 Sunday: Travis and me with Noelle, Travis' sister who has just returned home from an 18 month mission. Now that she's back, we can't get enough of her!

 Monday: The boys are really into practicing for when Boy is born. // Tuesday: Grey took this picture, and Micah named it "The Incredible Micah." They're realllllly into superheroes, especially the Incredibles.

Wednesday:  Micah and Daddy.

 Thursday: It's almost like looking into a mirror.

Friday: Micah actually took this stunning picture of Grey. My solemn boy. // Saturday: Oh hey. I'm pregnant.

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MARCIE said...

I hate when no one comments. Beautiful photos. You guys are the best!