Thursday, March 6, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

Micah: Daddy!
Grey: I'm not Daddy, I'm Grey.
Micah: Micah!
Me: You're Micah.
Micah: No. Grey is Micah.
Grey: I'm just Grey, though.

Micah: Wrestle with me, I promise!
Me: What are you promising?
Micah: Wrestle with me! I promise you want to!

Grey: Oh, puppy. You have dirty ears. I'll clean them with my spit.

Micah: Happy birthday to YOU!
Grey: I'm NOT happy birthday to me.
Micah: You ARE eating cake!

Grey: Stop it!
Me: It actually sounds like you both need to use kinder voices.
Micah: Not me, Mom! My voice is kind every time!

Micah: Mom, you don't like whiners?
Me: That's right.
Micah: You like me, even when I whine?
Me: I don't like when you whine, no.
Micah: You just don't like whiners.

Me: It's your job to put away the Legos.
Micah: That doesn't make any sense!

Grey: I'm not Mr. Incredible.
Me: I am Mrs. Incredible.
Grey: No, you're not!
Me: I am. Look at my stretchy arms!
Grey: You're not Mrs. incredible. You're Becky. You're not in a movie!
Me: Oh, you're right.
Grey: Your name is just Becky. And your other name is Mama.

Grey: Mommies don't skateboard, only Daddies do.
Me: Well, some girls like to skateboard, just not YOUR mom.
Grey: I know what you like!
Me: What do I like to do?
Grey: You like to cut fabric and sew it and iron it hot, hot, hot. And then cut it, all the fabric! But not to skateboard.

Grey: Some people be mean. But some people be nice. Sometimes people be mean at their house, and that house is over there.

Grey: Did people make the trees?
Me: No, Heavenly Father made the trees. People can plant trees, but they don't make them.
Grey: But, people can make houses, right?

Grey: That tree looks pretty tricky. Don't climb it. You're not big enough.

Micah: My daddy loves trees. Trees are so pretty. I love trees, too.

Grey: Where's Joe going?
Me: He's going to exercise.
Micah: Because Joe loves exercise music?

Grey: Micah is screaming and hurting my ears!

Grey: Where is Mario?
Micah: Probably at him house.
Grey: Inside movies.
Micah: and video games.

Micah: Look at the mountains!
Me: Oh, they look pretty with the light on them, don't they?
Micah: They make me feel happy!
Grey: If I feel sad, but mountains make me better again!
Micah: I'm not sad! I am so happy now!
Grey: That mountain is so big, I could wraaaap my arms around it if I had stretchy arms like Mrs. Incredible. But I only have regular arms, and they're not big enough.

Grey: Mom, you're the best worker I have.

Grey: Micah, you want dinner?
Micah: Hmm, eat aunt Lauren?
Grey: No.
Micah: Eat Mommy?
Grey: No.
Micah: Eat.... You?
Grey: No. Just dinner.
Micah: Oh, you mean food?
Grey: Yes! And then I drink my milk all gone.
Micah: In a bottle? Like a baby?
Grey: No. Just a cup.
Micah: **Sigh** Okay.

Micah: We better save aunt Lauren. She's in a dragon home. You better save her. Over there! There's a dragon out my window! You better save her! I hear the dragon! You better save Aunt Lauren, Mom! Let's fight the dragon!
Grey: Alright! I ready. I have guns.
Micah: I'll shoot them out my window, too! I have a big gun!
Grey: Let's go!
Micah: Okay, ready! You shoot and I'll punch! We'll save aunt Lauren at the big dragon home! Let's save the Princess!

Grey: What's that Princess doing?
Me: Why is she a Princess? I think it's just a regular woman.
Grey: Fine. What's that regular woman doing?

Micah: I did it! Yeah! Good teamwork, Micah!

Grandpa: You should fly here like Superman.
Grey: But I have no wings!

Grey: Gah! Gah! Gah! I'm a goofy baby!
I'm not really a baby, Mom. But I AM really goofy!

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