Monday, March 3, 2014

Photo a Day: Feb 23 - March 1

January and February have that dregs of winter feel to them. Even beautiful sunny days in February are to be despised as suspicious. 
But March! March feels like spring. Even cold, grey rainy days are alright, because they're spring time rain-days, not winter rain-days. March feels much more like the new year than January and February do. January and February feel like nothing. Christmas has passed, so the year is over - but spring has not sprung, so the new year can't quite have struck yet. They are grey, empty months - both in weather and importance. I always feel much more inclined to make and keep resolutions in March than in January. Everything around me starts to change, and I find that I can change too. 
And spring, obviously, is the best time to have a baby as well.
Soon I will have a baby, and then! Oh, the changes will really start! Until then, we're enjoying the breezy weather, whether it comes with rain or cool sunshine. 

Sunday afternoons are for family naps.

Monday: My pretty baby quilt.

Tuesday: If you're feeling poorly, you should watch a movie. Then go to the park. One of the other will make you feel better.

 Wednesday: My handsome Grey. // Thursday: Time to get new kitchen herbs. Hello, Rosemary my friend.

Friday: The boys had their birthday party this weekend. Micah requested chocolate cake, and Grey asked for banana. I was only too happy to oblige.

Saturday: Just two of my boys and me.

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