Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo a Day: March 16 - 22

This week doesn't really have a photo for every day. I skipped Friday, since the day was spent in the car driving to my parents' house in Nevada. But I included two from Tuesday (both of which you've already seen...)
It's nice to be here with my parents so they can take care of us while Travis is in India. It's especially nice that the boys are being taken outside again. Usually I just sit inside my front door and let them play outside by themselves, but they want to be played with! And what are grandparents, aunts, and uncles for if not to entertain toddlers?
I hope your week is off to a lovely start. Mine certainly is, since my Mommy let me sleep in. 
(Although Micah is sitting on lap right now trying to take my temperature with a forehead thermometer and it's kind of driving me crazy!)

Sunday: Micah built castle to his boys. // Monday: I love this picture of Grey, he looks so tall and lanky!

 Tuesday: My favorite picture of me from this pregnancy. 35ish weeks? // and my cute family.

Wednesday: Micah and Daddy watching airplanes in the yard. 

 Thursday: The boys are their "best Elanor." We miss her the most when we travel! Almost as much as Daddy!

Saturday: Welcome to cowboy country, boys.

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