Monday, March 17, 2014

Photo a Day: March 9 - 15

This week has been filled with so much good. 
Good food, friends, family, weather, moods, health. But I feel like it's also been such a hard week! Pregnancy does that to me. Every day is the best of times and the worst of times, and every day I cry a little and take a nap and refuse to wash more dishes. But I try to take pictures of the good and not the bad (because obviously, taking pictures of the filth under my couch would gross us all out.) And it's so lovely every Monday to compile these pictures and be reminded that I've got a pretty sweet, beautiful life - even if I'm feeling grouchy about the mess over here.
Also, I swear these pictures really were taken through out the week, even though my kids are wearing the same clothes in half the pictures. 
Sunday: More birthday cake at Grandma's house, and it was too exciting to be real!

 Sunday again: Almost a family picture. I love my crazy Grey, my giant baby, and my handsome husband. // Monday: Greybe.

Tuesday: All over our yard, tiny green things are unfolding themselves in the sunshine. // Wednesday: Ride 'em, Grey!

Thursday: My Micah boy.

Friday: All manner of creeping things are making their way out for spring. Worms are the favorite at our house. // Saturday: If there is sunshine, we will eat outside. I guess bonfire season has officially begun again!

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Polly said...

I love the first picture so much. They just look so happy! Adorable.