Thursday, April 17, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

Grey: I just watching plants grow.

Micah: I have to pee. I don't need help, but you should stay and watch me though.

Micah: I had a dream when I was sleeping.
Me: What was it about?
Micah: You baby. He was kicking me so cute!

Me: Your head is warm. Do you feel sick?
Micah: Not for real. I just needed to rest in my warm bed.

Me: Come here, honey.
Grey: I'm not your honey. I'm not one of THOSE people.
Me: What people?
Grey: Other people. Your honey people.

Me: We can paint your toenails, but your daddy might not like it.
Grey: He will! My daddy will be so proud of my painted nails!

Mary: Show this little car to the baby!
Grey: Okay.
Mary: Are you going to show him or what?
Grey: He can't see me! I'll show him when he's borned.

Grey: I have a baby now like you! You can meet him when he's borned, but now he's still in mine belly.

Micah: I dreamed Grandpa Jim died, and him with Jesus.

**Whispering heard through the boys door:**
Grey: Micah! Micah, you hear me? What letter is for Micah?
Me: Please be quiet in there!
Grey: No, Mom! I talking to Micah 'bout the ABCs!

Grey: What are you up to?
Me: Just writing something on my phone.
Grey: NO! What are you UP TO? I said!

Micah: I love Baby Brother, but I don't love your face.

Grey: How could we climb up this mountain with all the trees in our way?
Me: It would be hard, wouldn't it?
Grey: My dad could do it. He's tall like a mountain.
Micah; I can't do it, but I can climb a big ladder at the park.

Grey: I don't like your face, because it's stinky and you never wash it.

Travis: What animals did you see at the farm?
Grey: Cows, turkeys, and a goat eating a rope! That be gross! Goats should never eat ropes. Never, never, never!

Micah: After I close my eyes, I see it and that be gross!
Me: What's gross?
Micah: The bumblebees, after you hold them. They look at me.
Me: Bumblebees look at you?
Micah: No. Not right now.

Grey: When we get home, let's have a hotdog sandwich!
Me: We can maybe do that.
Grey: No, Mom. We have to. We HAVE TO. Calm down, okay? We HAVE to have hotdog sandwiches. Calm down.

Travis: We could live in Sugarhouse.
Me: You know who lives in sugar houses? Witches!
Grey: Witches live in sugar houses?
Me: Yep. They build houses of candy, so that kids will come over to eat the sugar and then the witches can trick the kids.
Grey: I want to eat a candy house.
Me: Exactly. That's how witches trick kids. Don't eat a house made of candy!
Travis: But, back on topic- Sugarhouse is nice.
Micah: NO DAD! It's not nice! Witches trick you with sugar houses! You can't live there! Don't do it! Mom, tell Dad don't do it!
Me: Don't do it, Dad!
Micah: Thanks, Mom.

Micah: Hey Anna.
Grey: I'm not Anna! I'm Queen Elsa!
Micah: Oh. Hey Queen Elsa.
Grey: Hi. I can shoot ice.

Grey: Can I drink my milk?
Micah: No! Stop! Grey's drinking his milk!
Grey: I'm not! I'm just doing nothing!

Grey: Why I have to wear a seatbelt?
Me: To keep you safe in the car. Otherwise, if I crashed the car you could fllllly up and break through the window and get hurt.
Grey: Oh. Like that pig did.
Me: What pig?
Grey: At Grandma's house.
Me: Oh, Mercy Watson? In the story, the pig flew out of the car because she didn't have a seatbelt on, huh?
Grey: Yeah! And that NOT be fun. I get hurt. But I DO like to fly.

Elanor: I want some more candy.
Grey: I apologize, but it's all gone.

Grey: I want my pop!
Me: Well, you can have it back if you are going to be kind to me.
Micah: Grey is only going to be kind to himself.

Grey: Mom, I want to do something.
Me: What do you want to do?
Grey: Swimming. It won't get in my nose and it won't get it my eyes because I'm wearing sunglasses.

Grandma: When your mom is at the store, let's snuggle and watch a show.
Micah: That is an AWESOME idea.

Grandma: I'm Queen Elsa. 
Micah: No, you're NOT! My Dad is Queen Elsa. 
(Obviously, the boys are pretty into Elsa because she has super powers.)

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Jocelyn said...

I know I'm just a random blog reader, but your boys are SO funny and I love these posts.