Monday, April 21, 2014

Photo a Day: April 13 - 19

Well, another week has come and gone without a baby. I am feeling a lot of frequent, semi-regular contractions though - so I have high hopes for this week. In fact, my new plan is to go into labor Wednesday. I keep setting dates for myself to have the baby by. When it inevitably comes and goes, it's (sigh) okay. But it helps me to say, "Well, I only have to be pregnant until Wednesday. On Wednesday I'll have a baby." and I can say, "I gotta get this done before Wednesday, otherwise it will never get done."
That has motivated Travis and I to finish a lot of things this week! This week was really awesome, though, despite being baby-free, because my lovely Mom drove out to see us for the week and helped me get a lot done! Besides deep-cleaning my house and helping make some freezer meals, she also established herself as the second Mom. Grey said "I have two Moms, now. Mom and Grandma Polly Mom."
Well, I guess it's fair to say that we look, sound, and act very much alike! And on more than one occasion, the boys were hurt or excited and the person they ran to first wasn't Travis or me, but Grandma! We're so blessed to have such an awesome family with young, helpful Grandmas that the boys adore. 

Sunday: Reading stories with Grandma. // Monday: A trip to the farm. There weren't nearly as many adorable baby animals as I hoped.

 Tuesday: One last date night with Buddy Holly before the baby comes. // Wednesday: Pregnaaaant.

 Thursday: Perhaps my favorite picture ever.

Friday: Good bye to Grandma. (They were much less happy when they realized she wasn't back the next morning.) // Saturday: Dying Eggs for Easter.

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Nana B said...

I really like Thursdays photo too, but your caption is a repeat of last week, and the week before and the week before etc. But I can appreciate the sentiment as there really are lots of "favorites" cuz those boys are sooooooo cute. Can't wait to see what the new one looks like. Really wish today would have been for real then Grandpa and I would have waited a day before heading home.