Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Photo a Day: March 30 - April 5

I finally downloaded some pictures from last week! It's crazy to think that we were still in Nevada a week ago. A lot has happened in the last seven days. Although, judging by my pictures - nothing has happened! I guess we just felt busy. And speaking of busy, I'm a little worried that this blog will suffer once Baby Boy is born. Keep your fingers crossed that I will feel the need to publicly and obsessively document every moment of our lives. So far, I'm really good at that. 

Sunday: My mama and me. I love her the most. // Monday: Jack with Micah and Katie with Grey. Aunts and Uncles are so fun!

 Tuesday: Micah and Grey with Grandpa before they left for Mary's wedding.

Wednesday: My Micah. // Thursday: My Grey. Geez, do you think they're twins?

Friday: We came home to a beautiful Utah spring! Our backyard is filled with blossoms and blooms. // Saturday: Travis and his Dad, looking dapper before the men's session of General Conference.

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