Thursday, May 29, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

Two weeks of quotes, including some especially hilarious ones, in my opinion. You're welcome, world.

Also, for those of you who might have noticed: I deactivated my FB account last night- pretty spur of the moment. I spent yesterday really sick, and while lying around nursing and coughing- I was on my phone most of the time. I was bored and read lots of really dumb articles and watched lots of stupid videos and by the end of the day- I was lying in bed feeling better in body and worse in mind. I felt like I was drowning under a heap of garbage. I actually felt sick and couldn't turn my brain off- thinking about all the upsetting news articles I had perused and the rude, self-absorbed status updates i had consumed. I felt like I couldn't find any peace. So, once again, I realized that my phone is the culprit. (Somehow, I am able to make this startling revelation every couple months.)
And, although I love my phone, and will continue to use it frequently to document, to read, to stay in touch, to Instagram, and to find the nearest Super Target- I'm not using it for Facebook anymore. (For a while, at least). For those of you who normally connect with me via FB, please email me at or check out my IG feed at rebeccahlouise)

I'm pretty proud, I've managed to teach the boys that if they want someone's attention or to interrupt a conversation, they need to say, "excuse me."
The only problem is, Micah will say it several times, increasing in volume until he's shouting, "EXCUSE ME!" He just said to Travis, EXCUSE ME! You hear me? Then listen to my words!"

Grey has started referring to the near future as  "Afternoonsday." He'll ask, "Can we go to the park afternoonsday?" Or say, "Is Aunt Lauren coming over this afternoonsday?"

The boys also start almost every sentence with "I have an idea!" Although sometimes they mix it up and say, "I got a big idea!" Or a bad idea, or a good idea.

They LOVE August and are totally obsessed with him. Anytime he makes eye contact with Micah, Micah excitedly tells me, "Him loves me!" They also sing to him whenever he starts to fuss, although if he starts crying really hard and they can't calm him, Micah will wander into another room (still singing) and say, "I'll just sing to him from here."

Anytime they do something silly or they show off (like a somersault or jumping off a bed) they ask first, "Wanna see something crazy?" Which I think they got from Frozen? (Can I say something crazy?)

They've also learned to awesomely announce "It's game time!" Before they attempt something. Thanks, Lego Shaq!

And they call Travis' new motorcycle, a Musicycle, which is an adorable word that I won't correct.

Grey: Hold still, I'm going to chop your body off.

Grey: I brought you a flower!
Me: I love it, Thank you.
Micah: I want it!
Grey: No. This is for my mother.

Micah: Baby August loves that milk. That milk is too good for him.

Micah: Baby August is making cute little noises. That's how he says, "I'm hungry! I'm hungry!"
Grey: He says, "Hmm, ooh, ooh hmm." Like that.

Micah: Anna!
Grey: I'm Queen Elsa!
Micah: Anna!
Grey: I'm Queen Elsa!
Micah: Anna!
Grey: Stop it! I'm Queen Elsa, and this hand shoots ice and this hand makes snow.

Micah: Let's play houses. You are Elizabeth, Grey is Elanor, and I am Tyler.
Grey: I am Elanor!
Micah: Hey Elizabeth?
Me: Yes, Tyler?
Micah: What do you want to do with Elanor, Elizabeth?

Grey: I'm going to school to make music.

Me: You lost your sword.
Micah: Why?
Me: I had to take it, because you were using it to hit your brother.
Micah: But why, Mom?
Me: I don't know. I guess your parents didn't teach you any better.
Micah: They did, Mom!
Me: Do you know who your parents are?
Micah: Um. I have parents at church?
Me: Who are your parents at church?
Micah: My teachers!
Me: Actually no, your Dad and I are your parents.
Micah: And you are my favorite teachers!

Grey: Look at this picture! You got married at that temple?
Me: Yep!
Grey: Here is Mom, and Grandpa Chris and Grandma Pitcher and Aunt Moony, and my Daddy.
Me: That's right. What's your Daddy doing in that picture?
Grey: He's kissing my mom, because you just got ALL MARRIED together!

Grey: Mom, you coming to the theater with us?
Me: No, I'm going to stay here with Baby August.
Grey: Oh. If you came he would cry, cry, cry because he's all alone?

Travis: I guess I'm boring Dad.
Grey: You ARE born, Dad!
Micah: No, Baby August is born.
Me: We are all born, but baby August is a NEW born, right?
Micah: Yes! And I'm a three- born!

Micah: Whobody is in my room?
Me: Nobody.
Micah: WHOBODY is in my room, I said!
Me: No one, unless it's a ghost.
Micah: Ha! I will fight them ghosts!

Grey: Baby August can't come to church, because people could see you nurse.

Me: It's time to get ready for church.
Grey: I'm just going to stay home alone today instead.

Grey: Oh Mom! Look at August's cute legs! They're getting so fat!

Micah: Mom, you being mean to my daddy?
Me: Yes, I was. I'm sorry honey.
Micah: You're just feeling frustrated?

Micah; Hey, sword fight with me, Queen Elsa Guy.

Micah: Giddy up, pony!
Grey: You're riding a cat!
Micah: No, Grey! This is a horsey!
Grey: Oh, are you Zelda?

Grey: I got an idea!
Me: What's your idea?
Grey: We should live in the clouds!
Me: That's a great idea!
Grey: I actually have a lot of ideas and A LOT of plans.
Me: What are some of your plans?
Grey: Let me finish with my ideas first. If we live in the clouds, we can live there together.

Me: Good morning!
Micah: Mom, shh! We're still sleeping.
Grey: You need to be quiet in our room.

Me: Let's sing a song to your little brother. What do you want to sing?
Grey: Snow blows white on the mountain.
Me: Okay. (Sings:) Snow blows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint-
Grey: No, Mom! Stop! I said "SWORDS" on a mountain.
Me: Swords blow white on the mountain?
Grey: Yes!
Me: I don't know that one. Will you sing it?
Grey (sings): Swords blow white on mountains tonight. Sigh. Dang it. I don't know this one either.

Grey: I can't find my sword!
Micah: I'll find it for you. Calm down!

Micah: Help me fight this big bad guy!
Grey: I can't. There's a big, evil robot I need to fight first.

Me: We need to get ready to go.
Grey: I have to stay here so I can poop, and pee and pee and poop a lot in my own toilet.

Me: Please don't touch August's eyes!
Grey: I'm making him go to sleep.

Grey: We need to kill that mosquito so he can't suck out your brains.
Micah: No!
Me: They don't suck out your brains! What do they really drink?
Grey: Honey!
Me: Nope.
Micah: Blood! Bees suck out honey!

Me: You need to eat your food.
Micah: No! It will make my hair turn black like yours!

Micah: We're on a spaceship!
Me: Where are you flying to?
Micah: Grandma Pitcher's house! We're on a very busy road.
Me: Well, be careful!
Micah: We will! FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Grey: I had a good dream and a bad dream. My bad dream, I jumped SO SLOWLY on a trampoline. My good dream, I jumped SO HIGH on a trampoline.

Micah: I have a good idea, a bad idea, and a poopy butt idea.

Micah: I have a good idea and a bad idea.
Me: What's your bad idea?
Micah: My bad idea, I won't go to sleep again. My good idea is, you can't say Hmph Hmph Hmph!
Me: Okay?
Micah: WHOA, hey! I saw a clock guy!
Me: A clock guy?
Micah: Yes, but he's all backwards! That's pretty funny!

Me: I'll be right back, I have to go potty.
Grey: Me too!
Me: No, you can go next- but I want some privacy.
Grey: I want some privacy with you!

Grey: I saw a big bad bee and he wants to kill me but him is really nice though.
Micah: Him is really nice?! NO! Him is NOT!

Micah: What this street is named?
Me: I-15
Micah: And this is where we used to live. Remember, Mom?
Grey: I remember we talked about it yesterday with an old guy and a baby!
Micah: I remember! Remember, Mom? Wanna talk about it again?

Micah: Grey! That's not okay! That's it. I'm leaving!
Grey: Fine! That's it. I'm leaving!
Micah: NO!
Grey: (Begins to cry, and runs out of his room.) Mom! Micah said No to me! He said I can't leave!
Me: But you did leave. Great job.
Grey: Hmm. Oh. I did! Yeah!

Micah: Have fun! Be good to your date!

Me: Lauren is going to come over and stay with you while your dad and I go out together.
Grey: You're going on a date?
Me: Yep!
Grey: I feel sad when you go on dates without me. I want to go on a date with you, Mom.

Micah: Oh, August is waking up and he needs some love. Hi happy boy! You feeling pretty good?

Micah: I love you.
Me: I love you, too.
Micah: I love my daddy.
Me: I love your daddy, too.
Micah: No. You hate him.
Me: Please don't say that, I do love him. It's not okay to use the word hate when we talk about people. We don't hate people. We love people.
Micah: Hmm. You do love Daddy? And I love Jesus, and you love Grey, and Grey loves me.

Micah: Look at my pretend baby!
Grey: No.
Micah: Why? Look at my baby!
Grey: No. I don't like that baby, it makes me throw up. I only like my real baby August, but he does make me throw up, too.

Me: Grey! Stop turning pages with your feet, you're not bring gentle enough with my book!
Micah: He HAS to use his feet, Mom! His hands aren't working!

Micah: I want those eggs and foods like you eat, Mom! That sounds a-licious!
Grey: I like all the food!
Micah: You want to eat all the food? And grow bigger and bigger and then you'll eat me, too?

Grey: I win!
Micah: I win!
Grey: You didn't win, I winned!
Micah: Let's just win together.
Grey: Okay. Ready?

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Unknown said...

I love it when you post conversations. They are hilarious and so entertaining to read.

MARCIE said...

Fire in the hole! Pretty funny three-borns you have!