Thursday, May 8, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

There aren't that many this week, for a few reasons. One reason is that the boys have spent lots of time with friends and family, so I haven't seen them enough to record all their funny things.
I've also been asleep a lot.
Ah well. Someday the baby will sleep through the night. I'll see my big kids again in 6 months. Until then, my techno-toddlers can keep themselves entertained with our Apple devices, I guess...

Micah: Sit down!
Grey: No.
Micah: Briiiing! I set a timer in my head. Briiiing! Time to sit down.
Grey: Turn your head off!

Grey: I wanna watch a movie.
Me: Nope.
Micah: I have an idea! After we eat our dinner all gone, we can watch a movie.
Me: Hmm. Maybe. You'll have to eat a lot of dinner.
Grey: No. I want a little, tiny dinner so I can eat it all gone.

Grandma: How's my little Grey feeling?
Micah: Sad!
Grandma: You don't feel any better?
Grey: No.
Micah: I'm so happy, though!

Micah: Put baby August on the ground and see if he can crawl yet.

Micah: My daddy tried to squirt me, but I escaped!

Grey: Mom? Where are you?
Me: I'm in the bathroom, I'll be out in a minute.
Grey: Hey, this door's locked! I'll just break it down real quick, okay?
Me: No! Please just leave me alone for one minute!
Grey: Hey! I'll just break it down really fast. Okay? You hear me?

Grey: What are you doing with that cradle?
Me: This is not called a cradle.
Grey: Umm... Fire-pacier?
Me: Pacifier.
Grey: Yes. That. What are you doing with it?

Grey: It's green, it's green! Ice cream, ice cream!
Micah: I love ice cream!
Grey: I love ice cream!
Micah: I love bacon!

Micah: Only babies drink milk.
Me: Are you a baby then? You drink milk.
Grey: Only babies drink BREASTmilk. When we are babies we drink breast milk. Big boys drink cows' milk.

**Micah was hiding under a blanket with just his butt poking out.**
Grey: Hey. What's that bum, Mom? What's that bum named?

Micah: Knock knock!
Travis: Who's there?
Micah: Nobody!
Travis: Nobody who?
Micah: An owl!

Me: Knock knock!
Grey: Adam's Apple!

Grey: I want to watch a show!
Travis: I think we're done with shows for today. Let's find a game to play.
Micah: Mario racing!
Travis: No, not a video game. A game in real life.
Grey: On Mom's phone.
Travis: No. A game like hide and seek, or doing a puzzle.
Micah: On the tv?

Grey: Daddy, you have big hair. You have big hair because you have a really big head.

Micah: I want to watch Samuri Jack. It's too scary for me, but he's a really good fighter though.

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