Thursday, June 12, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

Micah: look! I drew a picture to August!
Me: What is it a picture of?
Micah: Breasts! Because August loves breast milk!

Micah: I'm a really good cutter.
Grey: Me too!
Micah: No, Grey. I'm good at cutting, you're really fast at running.

Micah: I want blue!
Grey: I want green!
Me: You can have whatever color your little hearts desire.
Grey: My colored heart wants green, Mom!

Micah: Poop. Poop.
Me: Poop?
Micah: You're not a big poop.
Me: I know, thanks.
Travis: Are you a big poop?
Micah: Nope. I'm a big boy. I just poop in the toilet though.

Micah: Hey, Micah. You back there?
Grey: No. I'm Grey.
Micah: No. I think I am Grey.
Grey: No! You are Micah!
Micah: I am Grey and you are Micah.
Grey: I am Grey.
Micah: We both are Grey?
Grey: I am Grey and you are Grey. So we both Grey and we both Micah.

Me: Did you know that you are twins?
Grey: I not a twin.
Me: Yes you are. That means you are brothers with the same birthday. You were both in my belly at the same time.
Micah: We were in your belly together! We were!
Me: Yep. So that means you're twins.
Micah: No. I am not a twin.
Me: You are Grey's twin. And Grey is Micah's twin.
Grey: NO, Mom! We are not twins. YOU are twins!

Me: Do you need something from Grey?
Micah: I don't need anything from Grey. I need everything from you.

Me: Leave me alone.
Micah: No. I won't leave you alone.
Me: Why?
Micah: Because I love you!
Grey: Mom, he can't leave you alone! He loves you so he NEEDS to follow you and touch you and not leave you alone.

Me: You are whining. And what's the rule about whiners?
Grey: They need to go to bed. Or they can be happy like me. But whiners like Micah need to go to bed without milk.

Micah: What are you guys doing?
Grey: We building a castle together!
Micah (scoffs): Ha! That sounds like weird.

Micah: The power to read! Super Why!
Me: Do you wish that you could read?
Micah: I totally CAN read!
Me: No you can't! You don't even know your letters.
Micah: Yes I do! K L T G M A B!
Grey: I know letters, too! T G M P Q S B!
Micah: Next time won't you sing with meeeeee?!

Micah: Oh, yum! This tastes like beer!
Me: What?!
Micah: Is this beer, Mom?
Me: No. What is beer?
Micah: You know, grocery beer that you buy at the store. ROOT beer.

Micah: Grey, that sound is STRESSING ME OUT.

Micah: Sing "Jesus wants me in the car, waiting at stoplight."
Me: I don't think I know that song. Do you want to sing, "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam?"
Micah: No! You do know it, Mom!
Me: Can you sing it, please?
Grey: Jesus wants me sit in the caaaaaaaar! Like that, Mom.

Micah: Mom, August isn't part of the team.
Me: Sure he is!
Micah: No. Because he's a baby. So he can't do teamwork.

Elanor: Everybody say "Gummybears!"
All: Gummy bears!
Grey: Everybody say "Rootbeer!"
All: Rootbeer!
Micah: Everybody say "EGGS!"

Grey: I have an idea!
Me: What's your idea?
Grey: When Grandma Polly comes, I be so happy- I'll laugh like crazy like this, "Ack-hahaha! Bahaha! Ah ah ah HHHAAAAA!" And I laugh so I fall down backwards on the ground. That be funny!
Me: That does sound pretty funny.
Grey: Ha! Wow, Mom! I got spit all over when I laughed so crazy! Ha! THAT be funny!

Micah: I am Micah Dave Pitcher.
Grey: I am Grey Christopher Dave Christopher Daddy.

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Jocelyn said...

I know I've said this multiple times, but your boys are SO funny.

MARCIE said...

This always makes my day!