Monday, June 9, 2014

Photo a Day: June 1-7

Even though I have about 100+ pictures a week, a handful of which I'm in love with - I am feeling broken-hearted that I accidentally deleted a few days worth of pictures.
I guess I have a photography addiction, because the more pictures I take, the more I want! I had to use some of my iPhone pictures to fill in the gaps this week.
But please imagine in your mind, some pictures of my baby laughing, some kid-art, and hose water and popsicles being dripped all over my yard.
Wanna know what's even dumber than missing these photos? That I'll probably think about them and miss them for years to come.
I still think about other pictures I've accidentally deleted. Specifically: some really cute ones of the boys at 18 months, and some pictures of the boys and their grandpa hiking last summer. Yeah. I remember the pictures from two years ago. In my mind, they have evolved into perfect, frame-worthy pictures. My life is less beautiful because of their absence. Maybe that's why I take so many pictures. I'm just trying to replace those other perfect photos...
or maybe I just love taking a million photos and can't be stopped!
Whatever the reason, and wherever the photos, enjoy this week's set of pictures. I think I captured a few life-changing, frame-worthy shots.

Sunday: My baby-daddy and my baby. // Monday: Travis made pad thai for dinner!

 Tuesday: Group-painting a picture of their "Daddy's big head," which, in case you were wondering, is one of their favorite compliments to give Travis. // Wednesday: Oh, he's a happy bear.

Thursday: All the heart-eyes. I love these boys and their dumb hair.

Friday: Tummy time is torture. // Saturday: Grey in the sand box.

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Brittany H said...

That last picture of grey is just so 'boy' to me. I love being a mom to boys.

Amanda said...

I lost all of my photos (save a handful) from my honeymoon - 6 weeks backpacking through Europe! I feel the pain...

MARCIE said...

Beautiful boys!

Unknown said...

the boys are adorable... i love seeing them together. so precious.

Casey said...

Oh my gosh, August is growing up!!

Casey said...

Oh my gosh, August is growing up!!

Casey said...

Oh my gosh, August is growing up!!