Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Harry!

I've loved Harry Potter and his friends ever since I was given the first three books in 5th grade.
As each new book came out, I anxiously awaited its arrival, read it through the night, and then again (and again).
As each new movie came out, I went to the theater at midnight in costume - came away disgusted and upset, vowed never to watch it again (because movies about books ruin books), inevitably watched it again and again anyway, and came to love it (except the fourth and second movies, which I can barely stomach.)
At night, I often dream that I am Harry, and I have very stressful dreams (always narrated by Jim Dale) during which I fight Voldemort in Antique Stores or am chased by Death Eaters through the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, or perhaps where I am taking a class by Olivander on how to blow glass into wands. All very strange, but probably to be expected.

But my love for the wizarding world could not be satiated by yearly re-readings of the books or movie marathons. And my freshman year of college, I realized that I was not the only 19 year-old that mourned being a muggle. In fact, apparently most of my generation had read Harry's story - always the same age as Harry was in newest book - and obviously we all loved Harry and knew the incantations for any spell we might need in a pinch.

My bestie Lauren - who threw the first Harry Potter Birthday Party with me- and our husbands. We're the four founders.
 Look us! Best Friends! We made a school!

And looking for an excuse to throw a party, make desserts, wear costumes, and bond nerdily during the summer term- we celebrated Harry Potter's Birthday.
And 6 years later, not a July has passed without our salute to The Boy Who Lived.

You guys, I love it. I love Harry Potter. I love creating ridiculously difficult and lengthy trivia quizzes, I love inventing my own recipes for beloved Wizarding treats, I love forcing my husband into cloaks against his will (evil laugh!) and I love trying to teach my kids the rules of Quidditch and then coming into the living room to see them chasing a bouncy ball and yelling "I caught the snitch ball!" when they get it.

Elizabeth and I holding the trivia contest. As always, Ravenclaw won with Gryfindor somehow coming in second (due to sheer willpower, I think) and Hufflepuff putting in a solid effort and yet falling short. Obviously, there was not a Slytherin team. 

This year (and last), I've co-thrown the party with our neighbor Elizabeth. (I also stole all these pictures from her.) and we have a lot of fun getting ready and making costumes and food.  She even made Harry a giant snitch cake!

She should be dressed as Mrs. Weasley- not Fleur, because that is a culinary masterpiece. 

I love the Harry Potter books, and what they teach about family, friendship, loyalty, integrity, and differences. And I love how many friends I've bonded with over our love for that boy wizard.
Thanks, Harry. And happy 34th birthday.

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Katie B said...

So awesome. I wish I lived in Utah just so I could attend this party. You'd invite me, right? If I begged long enough?

Lana said...

I am so sad that I've only ever been to two of these parties. Isn't that ridiculous? Did we throw one the year you got married? I cant remember. I only remember when we threw the first one before we lived in Glenwood and then when you threw one at the green house. I miss these. Maybe this is the key to making friends? Invite them to a Harry Potter party. You can really judge the character of a person who comes dressed up to a Harry Potter party. :) (rereading 7th right now. all the movies should be dubbed with Jim Dale's voice. they'd be 100x better.)

Alissa Moghtaderi said...

Harry is 34 years old? So am I.

Casey said...

I missed it! Boo hoo. That was a sad night. But I'm glad you had fun! You and your family look GREAT!