Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Photo a Day: Sept 6 - 13

What can I say about this week that I haven't said about every week? Because every week is the same, in a way. A jumble of good and bad - which ultimately is a big lovely mess. Somedays are hard and some are easy. Some are fast, some are slow. 
This week has been moving in strange lurches, some mornings or afternoons seem to drag on endlessly, and yet today is inexplicably Wednesday, when I'm quite sure that yesterday was Sunday. 
Le Sigh. Life. 

Sunday: Grey in the sunshine. I love his stocky little outline.

 Monday: Grey dug up a worm. He was ready to have him move right in with us. // Tuesday: Micah has requested that we only refer to him now as "Batman."

 Wednesday: Date night! A chilly motorcycle ride through the canyons with my love.

 Thursday: A trip to fire station. They even let the kids spray the hose! // Friday: August James, watching his brother roast marshmallows.

Saturday: The boys love practicing all the tricks they learn in gymnastics!

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Polly said...

I love all the pictures!