Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cratch and Guacalina

Perhaps the saddest thing about losing my phone is that I've lost over a month of Conversations with my Three-Year Olds. (I'm also sad about losing lots of contacts, calendar appointments, and pictures!)
I just didn't get around to posting them to the blog, so I kept adding them to my Conversations Note on my phone. And now they're gone.
There were a lot of conversations about Cratch and Guacalina.

Who are Cratch and Guacalina? you ask.
They began as Micah's imaginary friends. He would tell us about things he did with them, or insert little facts about them into conversations, "Cratch ate so many crackers!" or "Guacalina has blue hair! It's so funny!"
Then Grey adopted them, too. And they started having conversations with them, calling them from hotel phones or shouting to them from distant rooms.
If I ever ask if Guacalina and Cratch are around, I am assured that they are, but they are sleeping, eating, using the bathroom, on a walk, etc.

Me: What is Cratch's favorite food?
Micah: Cratch loves hotdogs!
Me: Hmm. What's Guacalina's favorite food?
Micah: Guacalina always LOVES hotdogs, too!

**On a pretend phone**
Grey: Hi Guacalina What are you doing? . . . Oh really? I'm in the car. . . . Hmm? What's that? Donuts?! . . . Let me ask my mom. Hey, Mom! Can we go get donuts?
Me: Not right now, we are going to the store.
Grey: My mom said no. . . . Well, why don't you go get donuts yourself? . . . Okay, you can go with your brother Cratch. . . . Okay. Bye! Have fun getting donuts!

Grey: Are Cratch and Guacalina here?
Micah: Let me check! **Runs to the front window** Hmm. Their car is here, so they must be here.
Grey: Where could they be!?

Here's a record of a recent dinner conversation. I love it so much, our family is strange, funny, and wonderful.

Micah: Is peanut butter a plant?  Haha, NO!
Me: Well, peanut butter comes from peanuts, and peanuts do grow in the ground, so peanuts are from a plant.
Grey: But what about chocolate?
Travis: Chocolate does come from cocoa beans.
Grey: No. Chocolate comes from the store.
Micah: Or outer space.
Travis: No, there's nothing in outer space.
Me: Sure there is! Guys, tell Daddy what's in outer space.
Grey: Stars! The Moon!
Micah: Ships! Cratch and Guacalina!
Me: Wait. Are Cratch and Guacalina from outer space?
Micah: No. They are from Caca City.
Me: Carson City? Where Grandma Polly lives?
Micah: No. CACA City. It's soooo far away, but Cratch and Guacalina drove all day to get to Grey and Micah's house.
Me: Hmm. How big are Cratch and Guacalina?
Micah: They are so tiny, like this! *Holds his fingers an inch apart* But when they were little babies, they were so tiny you ever saw! So tiny you couldn't even see them!

I love the crazy imaginations on these boys, and I love that they take each other in to their little fantasies. I know these pictures don't really relate, except that looking at their little profiles, I can almost see their little minds whirring away.

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Wait did you have an iPhone?? My notes app on my iPhone is synced up with my gmail so I can always get to it on there. Did yours do the same??