Friday, October 31, 2014

From the Batcave...

From three tiny Batmans, all in vastly different costumes in various stages of hand-crafted-ness, Happy Halloween. I hope the Great Pumpkin visits your pumpkin patch (if you are sincere enough, obviously). I hope you get homemade donuts and cider, and don't have to mindless eat 1 million Laffy Taffys. I hope that you have fun, spooky experiences (like seeing a witch with a black cat fly past the moon) instead of creepy experiences (like finding spiders in your hair or being molested by a clown). 
I'm sorry about that clown joke.
In case you have a three year old, we actually have another entire Batman costume, and only one of these three costumes is going to be used tonight. So. We gotcha covered. 
And in case you live in Salt Lake and are my friend, or know where I live... I got those homemade donuts here for you. 

Please note: The baby does not like the creepy Batman mask.

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Marge Bjork said...

Oh I love August's face in this picture, it's classic.

MARCIE said...

I bet those Batmen had fun!

Brittany said...

August! I love him.