Friday, December 5, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

A couple weeks ago, Grey and I built a little Lincoln Log house, which he promptly filled up with "people" (they were just little Logs), including our family, all of our neighbors' family, and several friends.
"They're all in the bathroom, going to the bathroom," he told me. "This whole house is one bathroom and they are all peeing together."
"Why?" I asked. "Maybe part of it is a bathroom, but theres a kitchen they can cook in and a living room to read in."
"No," he sighed. "I wish it was a kitchen and living room. But it's all one bathroom."

Micah has also been telling people, including lots of strangers, "Hey. My mom growed me."

While I piped a hundred little meringues, Micah said "Mom, you're doing a great job. You're the best at making these cookies of everyone on the whole  map."
And while I sewed, Grey told me, "Mom, you're a real good maker and bread baker."
They're very complimentary.

Micah: This is Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.
Grey: Is it Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?

Micah: Hazel, Jesus loves you, and he really loves it when you come to my house everyday.

Grey: Mom, I can babysit August. I'm a really good babysitter.

Micah: Dad, what will you be for Halloween?
Travis: Nothing, just Dad man.
Micah: But if you don't wear a costume, they won't NEVER give you CANDY!

Grey: I want candy for breakfast.
Me: Sorry. Nope.
Grey: You're dumb!
Me: Excuse me?
Grey: Um.
Me: You better rethink that sentence and try again, or you're headed back to bed.
Grey: Fine. You're pretty... And... Ugh. You're Nice.

Lady: What handsome young men!
Micah: I'm not a man. I'm a boy. My dad is a man. He's over there.

Grey: ...the Batmobile lost his wheel and the Joker took ballet!
Micah: No. He went to jail.
Grey: The joker got away!
Micah: He got away to jail.
Grey: No. He got away.
Micah: HE GOT AWAY TO JAIL. He always goes to jail! Batman would never let him go free!

Micah: I want to be alone at my home and set booby traps for bad guys. I want to be...
Travis: Home Alone?
Micah: Well, I don't want to be Home Alone the movie, I just want to be a home alone person.

Grey: Why did Grandpa Jim die?
Me: Well, he was very old, and his heart had been working and beating for soooo long and it was getting tired. So his heart just couldn't keep beating, it slowed down and took a break- and when that happens, your body dies.
Micah: But Jesus will make grandpa a new belly.
Me: Um, well Jesus will make Grandpa a new strong body, that's true.
Micah: I have a strong belly.
Me: Okay, yeah. Your body is strong and young and healthy. You're very lucky to have such a good body.
Micah: Grandpa Jim wishes his body was good like this.

**Micah combs his hair**
Micah: Ah, when she sees me, my grandma Marcie will think I'm so handsome! She will say, "You look handsome, Micah!" And I will say, "Thank you. I combed my hair."

Grey: Mom, I just cleaned up because I love you.
Micah: I love you, too, but I didn't help clean up.

Lady (to Micah): Are you twins?
Micah: Yes!
Lady: How old are you?
Micah: Three and a half!
Lady: Oh, then I bet I know how old your brother is!
Micah: Ask him.
Lady (to Grey): How old are you?
Grey: Six and a half.

Micah: I want to stand up here.
Me: No, that's not safe. I don't want you to fall into that gorge and die.
Micah: Ah yes. Grandpa Jim fell in there.

Man: How old is your baby brother?
Grey: 8 over 16.

Me: Please don't hit my baby!
Micah: This is my baby!
Me: No, he's not.
Micah: August is all our baby! He's our family baby!

Grey: You are getting close to that car. That means you are not being a careful driver.

Micah: Heavenly Father, please bless my mom. She's such a good mom. And please bless Grey, he's the very nicest boy. And please bless August, he's the best baby in the world. In the name of all the Jesus Christ- Amen.

Grey: Wow! That's Max's dad? He's SO handsome!

Grey: And whose handsome face is this? It's Grandpa Chris!

Grey: Mom, I need your help getting more milk because you are the prettiest and most special mom ever.
(King of manipulation, this one.)

Me: You guys were great helpers today, thank you.
Micah: Yeah, I was AWESOME!
Grey: I was pretty good I guess.

**At Alice Lane (an interior design store)**
Grey: Wow, it is so beautiful here. Everything is beautiful. I love it here. I love everything in the whole world here.

**In the Food Court at the mall**
Grey: Wow, Mom! It's smells AMAZING in here!

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