Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

This picture is from three years ago. I can't believe my kids have been around so long!

Travis: Would you guys like to have a puppy?
Grey: I think I just want a pet bird.

Micah: What did Elizabeth say?
Me: That was actually Daddy on the phone.
Micah: Whose Daddy?
Me: Your Dad.
Micah: So you mean, your husband.
Me: Yes.
Micah: Your husband, Travis?
Me: Yes.
Micah: So why didn't you say, "That was my husband, Travis"?

Me: Did you wash your hands?
Micah: Not this time.
Me: You need to wash your hands EVERY time you go to the bathroom.
Micah: Once, in the middle of the night, my Dad went to pee and then he went back to bed without washing his hands.

Me: Micah, do you know why Heavenly Father made us? What are we supposed to do?
Micah: Be happy!
Me: That's right! And what makes us happy?
Micah: I know!
Me: Trying to be like Jesus!
Micah: No. Medicine.

Grey: What is this?
Me: An artichoke.
Grey: So you choke when you eat it?

Grey: Can you help me, Dad?
Travis: No, you can do it.
Grey: But Dad! You are my pal!

Grey: What's Robin Hood's girl named?
Me: Maid Marian.
Grey: Oh, like Marian-Joseph!

Grey: Did you grow up slowly when you were my age?

Grey: Is Jesus here at church today?

Grey: What are you doing?
Me: I'm trying to think about Jesus.
Grey: Okay. I will. Thank you, Jesus.
Micah: Thank you Jesus, for the whole world!

Micah: Did Mike Mulligan build this road?
Me: I don't know, maybe!
Micah: Mike and Mary Ann build all the roads.
Me: Or other people like them.
Micah: like Jesus?
Me: No, I just mean hard working men. Jesus gives us strong bodies and smart brains so that we can build things for ourselves.
Grey: Like roads! And houses! I can build Lincoln Log houses!

Micah: Batman stays up all night in his batcave and his mom comes and says "Go to sleep, Batman!" So Batman ran away and stayed up all night. And him NEVER WENT BACK HOME AGAIN!
Me: Oh no, poor Batman! He must miss his mom.
Micah: Ha! But he can't go back to her, because she's DEAD!
Me: This story isn't very nice, Micah! I don't like it.
Micah: Well, Batman's mom DID die. And so did his dad. He has no parents and is very sad, but he can stay up all night long.
Grey: But him has his super hero friends! So him is not alone.

Grey: I don't like meat anymore.
Travis: Are you a vegetarian?
Grey: No!
Travis: Are you a vegan?
Grey: Stop calling me mean names!

Grey: I am Robin Hood and this whole kitchen is Sherwood Forest. Come live in Sherwood Forest with me. Who are you?
Me: I guess I must be Maid Marian. Shall I make you and your Merry Men some dinner?
Grey: Sure. I'll kill some animals in Sherwood forest to eat.
Grey: Mary Ann! Here's a deer I shot with my arrows. **Holding out his cupped hands**
Me: It doesn't look very big.
Grey: Oh, it's not. It isn't a horned deer, you know. Just a little one for eating.

Grey: What is this book?
Me: Anne of Green Gables.
Grey: Please read it to me.
Me: It's a book for big girls, I think you would be bored by it.
Grey: How about you read me a chapter and I'll see if I like it? What is it about?
Me: It's about a little girl with no mother or father, because they die. So she comes to a place called "Green Gables" to live and have a new family.
Grey: Why her has no parents? Read me the part where her parents die!

Grey: Expelliamus! Ex-Pelli-Amus! That is a spell, Micah!
Neighbor girl: Micah, Grey said a spell. You're dead now!
Micah: Expelliamus isn't a dying spell! It's a dropping spell to make you drop things!

Micah: You have to be gentle with me. I'm just a little guy.
Grey: You're not little like Baby August.
Micah: No. I'm just little like this. This size is my size.
Grey: You're not little. You're as big as me.

Micah: Here is your special Golden Arrow that you won, Grey.
Grey: I am Robin Hood. You be Little John, and we are going to meet and fight on the river.
Micah: So you can kill me?!
Grey: Robin Hood doesn't kill Little John! They knock each others in the water and then them is friends!
Micah: I am not Little John. I am Robin Hood.
Grey: I am Robin Hood.
Micah: We are both Robin Hoods together!

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Kaia said...

I laughed out loud at the second one! Micah's got a one-up on you it looks like. Calling us all out on a funny thing we do after we have kids, calling our husbands daddy ;)