Thursday, January 15, 2015

To my Lover and (Crime) Fighter

Dear Micah,
My silly, friendly, imaginative boy! I love listening to you play with friends, or even by yourself. You are so creative and funny, inventing stories and adventures everywhere you go- and often while dressed as a superhero!
You are always so brave and friendly, and hate coming home after we've been out playing. You make friends with everyone and explore everywhere. Recently we went to a climbing-rope jungle gym. You climbed bravely to the top by yourself and then came back to get Grey and show him how to get up, too. You love playing with Grey and August, and your feelings are easily hurt if they don't want to play with you. You always offer to check on August and take care of him when he's in his bed crying. You especially love to make him laugh, and if you're both in your beds-supposed to be going to sleep- You can't settle down because you know how much August would love to play with you! I hear you in there, playing peek-a-boo in the middle of the night and trying to find the baby's paci in the dark.
You love to laugh and make people laugh, and every time you have an audience- you take full advantage! If you do or say something funny, you shriek in pretend laughter at yourself until the people around you can't help but laugh too!
You are passionate and excited about every little thing that happens, whether you find a missing toy or it starts to snow, and you'll describe things as being "the saddest, worst ever" or tell me you, "ever so much love it!" You often tell me that I am the nicest, prettiest mom (or sometimes that I am the worst, meanest mom!)
You are so funny and such a delight and privilege  to be with,
I ever so much love you!

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