Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Portrait of a Mother

My friend Brittany recently asked if she could come take some pictures of me for a photography class, wherein the aim was to take several portraits of me in my home and "environment."
What she sent me afterward was so much better than just that. Goodness, I love pictures of my kids where I'm actually featured! Sometimes, I feel like (according to all our pictures), I'm just an observer- instead of deeply rooted and important to the family.
In these pictures, my house is a bit cleaner than usual (my hair is just as unwashed as ever), but they look just like motherhood usually feels. 

I love these boys and this stage of my life. I love to be home all day "reading books and playing with Legos." (Okay, as all of you mothers know, that's not how much time is actually spent during the day- but those are the pleasant little bits that I like to hold on to.)

Somedays (yesterday) are just no good, horrible, rotten days and I need to tell my kids things like "Leave me alone and stay in your room, because I don't want to yell at you and that's about to happen." Ah, sigh. But most days are good. And when they're not, I just look at pictures like these ones, and remember how good I've got it.

(Check out Brittany's Website and Facebook Page.)

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Nana B said...

All of these photos are great, you are a great Mom. Your boys are so lucky to be able to have you home with them, don't worry about the financial issues. Remember God will provide.

Unknown said...

Love it! I need a photographer friend to sit on the wall in our house and take beautiful pictures too! You can add them to your collection of beautiful pics with beautiful kids!