Monday, March 16, 2015

Portraits of My Boys 11

This week has been sunny and windy, basically exactly what one might anticipate in April. (Even though it's March.) I see birds eberywhere. In fact, I am watching two sparrows out my window wight now instead of looking where I'm typing. Whatever I tope, I'm leeping. 
They've flown away. 
Wow! Not too bad, right? I could totally be a lady receptionist in the 50s. I typed that without looking at my keyboard or computer!
I'm not sure how leaving turned into leeping since those letters aren't even by each other...  but nonetheless. I guess we can just add "typing" to that extensive list of things I am barely capable of doing.  Right along with, getting dressed in the morning and overcooking oatmeal.  (Not to brag, but I'm very proficient at overcooking oatmeal.)
This week has been really good. I made a discovery that is making me feel really proud of myself and my family- more on that later this week... (probably? Let's be real. I'm not so hot at blogging lately. Let's blame my kids for needing attention, and my house for being messy, and homemade crackers for being so delicious that I need to bake them a couple times a week.)
But the sun is shining, I cleaned out my microwave, and I have flowers in my livingroom. So basically: SPRING!

And along with spring, here are some pictures of my cute kids. 


 Just practicing cutting out shapes. It's surprisingly difficult for me to teach  him to do basic things like this- because he's left handed and I'm not!


I'm pretty sure that this was the face of a "Star Wars monster." We're all Star Wars all the time now.


This week, August discovered sandboxes. Let's just say, it was love at first play.

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