Monday, March 30, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 13

Spring is in the air! and my children are cute!
I don't actually have a lot to add to that today, because my baby is sleeping and my boys are happily engaged in books on the couch- so it's time for Mama to get some work done! (By which I mean, write or sew or something, because I am dying for some creative me-time.) But until my next post (probably tomorrow) here are some pictures of small blond Pitchers.


Grey likes butter! And he likes it so much, that sometimes we have to pick all the dandelions we pass on our walks and hold them under our chins to check to see who likes butter.
(Do you guys do that too? When you hold a dandelion under your chin it reflects on to your skin. If your skins turns yellow- you like butter. If you are four, you also probably rub some pollen on your chin so you like butter even more.)


Micah likes diggers! When we moved into this house (almost) three years ago, the sandbox was full of sand. Now it has a minimal amount of sand and about 14 diggers and dump trucks.


 August likes everybody and everything and is the happiest boy in all the land! Truth.

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katiefromtheblock said...

We always used to hold up buttercups under our chins to see who liked butter. But maybe you don't have buttercups as wildflowers in Utah? I wouldn't know, that's what we did in Massachusetts.

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