Monday, March 9, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 9 + 10

Two weeks worth at a time. This week and last, we had snow and sunshine - only a few hours apart. When it snowed last weekend (and again on Wednesday) I started to panic. I'd made a huge mistake! I'd invited ten toddlers to come over for the boys' birthday and if the weather was like this, we'd have to be in my house! Ten kids, (all between two and four years-old) crammed into my house might be a nightmare I've had.
But by Saturday, the day was beautiful enough to be outside without sweatshirts! Children ran in our yard, collected worms from our garden, climbed our big tree, chased our neighbors chicken and no one even went inside to pee! It was basically a perfect birthday party.
These pictures are actually almost all from this past week, too. But we'll pretend that they are from a longer period of time, shall we? Without further ado:


Travis and Grey headed out for a springtime ride on the motorcycle.

Grey requested "a funny book" for his birthday.  I love how he loves to read. (He got The Day the Crayons Quit)


My little man outside in the snow. We've had such a warm winter, it's hard for me to remember that it's usually cold this time of year. I'm glad Micah wasn't annoyed by the snow, but delighted.

 Micah was pretty sad that I didn't get a him Batman "that can fly up all by itself, and then come back" but he still loves the bendable Batman that he got for his birthday.

 August watched his brothers play in the snow. He loves being underfoot and observing everything they do. If we had snow clothes for him, he would have been out there lying face-down in the snow, licking up that frosty ice like his brothers.

Sometimes he escapes, and he brings the Wii remote, because it's his favorite toy in the house.

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