Monday, April 6, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 14

Spring is in the air! It's been so warm and beautiful that I even decided to move my tomato plants outside. They were getting pretty pathetic in their little yogurt cup planters. And the next day... IT SNOWED! You betrayed me, Utah! 
I actually haven't gone out to check on my plants yet this morning. I did cover the tomato trellis-things in plastic garbage bags to protect them from the boisterous wind, so maybe they're doing okay out there? I don't have high hopes, though. And I'm starting to feel like they won't survive at all- since we are leaving for about a month at the end of this week. Camping trip in Southern Utah, followed by a visit to my mom in Nevada, then to a wedding in Oregon, and then on down to a little getaway/work trip in California and driving all the way! My poor baby! (but it's a pretty good way to break in the new car).
I'm having little panic attacks about it, since I hate packing for one trip (hate it more for two in a row, but for many trips?) and I hate leaving our house messy before a trip, but I don't know if I'll have time to give the house the deep clean I need- or use up all the produce packing our fridge. Hmm. I maybe should have thought ahead a bit more before buying the 100 lb bag of organic carrots at the store. 
Easter was, of course, quite perfect. Except that I sent the assistant Easter bunny out to buy a little box of Sweet Tarts and he came home with a grocery bag bursting with jelly beans, Robins Eggs,  and every other kind of non-Sweet Tart candy imaginable. 
Yikes, bunny! Don't you realize that this nonsense is headed into the children? It will turn them into monsters! And, they are actually as satisfied with a few pieces of candy as with a million- unless of course, they know there are a million pieces hidden around the house!
So besides the candy, Easter was good. We watched General Conference and felt uplifted and encouraged, and resolved to do better and be better. And all of these pictures are actually from yesterday. Only as I uploaded this week's pictures this morning did I realize how little I've actually photographed this week! I vow to do better! I didn't even get a good picture of dying eggs and we dyed eggs multiple times.  
Happy April! Happy Easter! Happy Springtime!


What am I going to do when their big teeth come in and they don't have these gappy little smiles? 
(Answer: cry.)


 A little spider in a spider web (wearing his new favorite shoes: Batman Converse. I tried so hard to escape superhero clothes and shoes, but sometimes I just can't say no! Especially when he finds them for seven dollars in a second-hand store and I know they'll bring him endless joy.)


Speaking of saying no... August ate cake. And let's just say, it was not his first piece of cake, nor was his second helping his second piece of cake.
I can't help it! I want to give him everything! Okay. Homemade cake seems alright. It had fruit in it!
At least I didn't give him any jelly beans! (Ahem. Somebody gave him jelly beans against my wishes. I won't name names - because it was EVERYONE.)

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rebecca said...

I love all your pictures. If you're ever in DC, I want you to take pictures of my family, ya? I'm anxious about finding a photographer who understands working with twins.