Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 21

Somewhere along the lines, in the last two years, I forgot how to blog.
I used to blog about everything. I had a pimple on my face? I wanted cookies and didn't have any? My breasts were a weird size from nursing?
All worthy of blog posts. All of those are blog posts that I actually wrote.
And then, I don't know if it was Pinterest leading me to always-beautiful, thought, inspired blogs. If it was reading through my own blogs to weed them for good info for Baby Books. If it was just lack of time on my end that made writing every single day about this and that and nothing dwindle away.
But I feel like I only write now if I've got a thing. 
Something big to talk about. Pictures to share.
A well-executed photoshoot of a quilt I made to post.
The blog started to feel like work, and like the things I wanted to share weren't enough of a thing to actually go through the effort of sharing.
Well. I'm going to try to change. Write more. Share more. A little at a time.
So here are some pictures.
And tomorrow I might be back.

My three boys.

This picture was organic. These guys were just sitting, talking and nudging each other and I crouched down and said, "Quick, everyone look at me being silly and smile!"
And they did. And then went back to each other.

Grey loves to play games on my iPhone. Someday we'll look back on this picture and think "What a hilarious looking device!" which is kind of hilarious in itself.


Micah wears that shirt everyday (it's his "beach shirt") and recently got a bike. Now the boys literally spend hours every day biking.


 This little bear actually gets sick if we let him swing for two long. His favorite thing is just to sit in the swing and watch the kids and dogs at the park.

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