Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Family Conversations

Oh, hey. It's me again. Did I forget to mention that I was leaving for a week to visit a foreign country (okay, just Canada. But still, no internet for me.) Sorry, friends. I took an abysmal number of pictures, especially considering how beautiful Alberta was. But we had a really lovely time and our kids were rock stars! They traveled so well, even for them (they're really good travelers!) They were mostly happy and cheerful on little or poor sleep, and they were really great at hiking when we went on a long and amazing hike up a river bed (water included.)
I will share those pictures, probably tomorrow, but in the mean time: Here are some words for you. You're welcome, world. Included are several stories that the boys told while we drove, allowing me to type as they dictated, capturing every glorious word.

And a picture of my big people when they were little people

My brother Jack came to stay with us right before we left for Canada. In the car, Grey kindly tried to explain to Jack that jokes are silly things to say that make people laugh. He would say, "Okay. Like this. I sleep on a ... SIGN! Haha, I sleep on a ... TREE! You try, Jack. Say, Sleep on a..." Jack just couldn't get it.
Finally Grey said, "Okay, I've got the best one." He made sure everyone was listening, clearing his throat several times. "Sleep in your... BED! HAHAHA!"

Micah: Look, if you throw this in the air and spin around and then catch it again, that's called Ninja Skills.
Grey: Have you done that??
Micah: Not yet. I'm practicing.

Grey: Peter Pan is cool! He's cooler  than the Flash! He's cooler than electricity! He's cooler than cars!
Micah: He's cooler than every thing in the world except us!

Micah: Why is this taking so long?! I'm DYING!
Me: You're not dying.
Grey: So die then. Prove it.

Grey: Why did you move?
Me: So Dad can drive, because I don't like to drive.
Grey: Well, Mom. In life, sometimes you have to do things you don't like. Even if it stresses you out.

Me: Why do you pretend to be a girl all the time?
Grey: Because girls are just so amazing!

Me: Stay with us! Don't run so far down the path!
Micah: It's fine! Grey's keeping his eye on me!

Grey (singing): We belong to the earth, because God made us for the earth. Heavenly Father and Jesus love us and that is why they made us. We have to be good and kind, even when people bite you. It's okay to cry a little when someone bites you, but you still have to be kind.

Micah: What song is this?
Me: It's called, The Best Day of My Life
Micah: Why is it the best day of his life? Because he doesn't have to go to work? Does he get to go camping!?

Grey (to Micah): Let's pretend that I am Travis and you are Becky and you are pregnant with August. So we need to go to the hosible.
Micah: And when I'm there, the doctor says, "Oh wow! Hello! You are SO beautiful!"
Grey: Do you want to marry the doctor?
Micah: No, but he wants to marry me. But I will say to him, "Thank you, but I am already married to my husband, Travis"

Micah: Listen! They're speaking Spanish!
Grey: I wish I could speak Spanish, but I can't. I can only speak Grey-Spanish. But not right now. I'm too busy right now.

Micah: Hey Grey! You are not so lucky as me, because I get to clean the toilet!

Travis: What do you want on your burger?
Micah: Salt and pepper, cheese and ketchup and salami...
Travis: Salami?
Micah: Wait. What IS salami?
Travis: It's like a sausage meat
Micah: Oh. No. Not salami.

Me: Don't spit on my baby.
Grey: I'm teaching him how to spit.

Grey: Mom! Micah hit me!
Micah: I just gave you a hard, awesome high five on your arm!

(The day after Grey hurt his lip on the playground, his grandma noticed his chin was split too.)
Grandma: Oh no, when did you hurt your chin?
Grey: It came with the lip.

Grey: I was hiking, and a mountain lion came up. And he was HUNGRY. So I gave him a dog treat, I threw it to the ground and it broke into many pieces, so he started trying to to get all the pieces. Then a giraffe came up, and I jumped on his back and we ran away. But the tiger ate my parents!
Micah: Wait, a tiger or a lion?
Grey: A tiger, it was so hungry. Humans are smarter than tigers, so my mother should have known to give it dog treats. But then the tiger died because it was so full, and before it died, it puked up my mom. She was okay and normal, but gross and covered in spit. But I was hiding in the good spot with my giraffe. I saw from my hiding spot that the tiger was dead, so I said "Psst, Giraffe! Wake up! Let's go. Run, run, run!" We ran all the way to our house and locked the door and were safe. And my mother took a shower.

Grey: I am your child-Becky and you are my grown-up Becky. Don't be sad, but I am married to Travis now.
Me: What!? Who am I married to, then?
Grey: Just a firefighter.

Micah: These are the animals I like: Cougars, baby cougars, kid cougars, mom cougars, dad cougars, baby cheetahs, kid cheetahs,  mom cheetahs, dad cheetahs, baby tigers, brother and sister tigers, mom and dad tigers.
Travis: What about lions?
Micah: Lions, yes.
Travis: What about leopards?
Micah: Yes, baby leopards, kids leopards, mom and dad leopards...
Travis: What about wolves?
Micah: What? Wolves? Wolves? NO. I don't like wolves.
Grey: Here are the animals I like: giraffes, baby giraffes, teeny tiny cute little giraffes.
Me: Just little giraffes, huh?
Grey: Yeah, those are the only animals I love.

Me: Hey, don't get wet!
Grey: But there's a sprinkler on! It's for running through!
Micah: I actually think it's for watering grass.

Micah: I think there's a party in my brain, my head hurts so much.

Grey: You be in hind of me.

Grey: Look! A girl fish, swimming around her house.
Me: How do you know that fish is a girl?
Grey: My brain.

Grey (to Micah and me): I met you guys when I was just a child.

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