Monday, July 6, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 27

This week we were able to go up to visit Travis' sister Tessa who works at a really cool adventure campground. We got to participate in all the fun activities, like paddle boarding, horseback riding, zip lining, and rock climbing - and we got to do it in a practically empty campground for free! Yeah! It was so much fun, and I was so proud of the boys. They were so brave and involved. At one point, I told them to put on helmets and harnesses, climb to the top of a ladder, buckle themselves in to a rope hanging 10 feet off the ground... and then JUMP off the ladder, and they did it. They swung around over the ground and had a ball!


Wading down a river.


 Climbing up a very tall rock wall, and do it like a pro!


August rode on my back when we went trail riding, and he loved to lean back and take in the pink sunset. 


barbara woods said...

great trip and cute boys

Brittany H said...

This looks like an awesome trip.

MARCIE said...

Wonderful photos! You are all having so much fun!