Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Family Conversations

This one's been a long time in coming. Some of these things were said well over a month ago. Sorry, friends. I've not been the best at the blogging, have I? But I'm back! I'm trying again!

A few days ago, the boys were playing and Micah was pretending to be a pregnant dog. Grey brought "her" whimpering over to Travis. 
"Now don't be afraid, even though he's a human. He's going to be very gentle when he takes your babies out. You are very brave- Go ahead Dad."
Travis picked up a big toy hammer. 
"First, I smash your puppy in the belly, right?" he asked. Grey nodded solemnly. 
"Yes, doctor, if you think so."
Micah just lay there calmly. 
"And then I have to cut the puppy open with a saw, right? said Travis. 
The boys both nodded. "Yes, I think so."
They obviously have no idea how babies get out! Maybe we need to visit a farm in the spring...

Grey: What is Kelsee's full name?
Me: Kelsee Sorenson
Grey: What was her name before she got married?
Me: Kelsee Clark
Grey: Clark!? Clark is a boys' name!
Me: That's true. How did you know that? Do you know someone named Clark?
Grey: Clark Kent!

Grey: "A glower" means, a light.

Micah: I prayed to Jesus instead, because it's so late that I think Heavenly Father is asleep.

Grey: Dear Heavenly Father, please help us to be reverent, gentle, peaceful beasts. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Micah: Always be kind and never be mean, that's my rule.
Grey: My main rule is, don't eat bugs!

Grey: I only share my water with you, Daddy, and August.
Me: What about Micah?
Grey: Yes, and Micah.
Me: What about Grandma Polly?
Grey: Yes, I'll share with Grandma.
Me: What about Uncle Tate?
Grey: No. I won't share with him. Uncle Tate is weird. He doesn't like sharing water.

Micah: When Luke has his lightsaver, he is Luke Skywalker! But when he doesn't have his lightsaver, he is just Luke.

Me: You can't bring your necklace, you'll be asleep when we leave and I don't want to forget it there.
Grey: Don't worry, I'll just set that dream aside.
Me: I don't know what that means. You really can't bring it.
Grey: Mom, I can remember it in my sleep. I'll just set that dream aside.

Elanor: I'm drawing a picture for you of Batman hugging his bat.
Micah: Okay?
Elanor: How big is Batman's bat? Is it as big as him?
Micah: Ummm.
Elanor: Does Batman have hair?
Micah: What? No!
Grey: Well wait. Bruce Wayne DOES have hair.
Micah: So Batman has hair but it's covered up by his mask.
Elanor: I'll just draw hair.

Micah: Mom, I don't have a sister and I WANT a sister! Or a pet!

Grey: Everybody in the whole world is the same, they just make different choices and think different things, but that's okay!

Micah: I'm the smartest boy in the whole world.
Me: No, you're not. You ARE very smart, but there are still lots of things for you to learn and many people can teach you.
Micah: What do I still have to learn?
Me: How to read, how to drive, how to do calculus. There are lots of things to learn.
Micah: What's calculus?
Me: It's a kind of math. I don't even know how to do it, uncle Jack does.
Even grownups don't know everything, everyone has different skills and knowledge, so everyone can teach us different things.
Micah: I do know how to do math! You just go home and get out your math and take the rubber bands off and unroll it and do it.
Me: What?
Micah: And then you can see where everyone lives.
Me: Are you thinking of a map?
Micah: Yeah, Maths!

Grey: My friend Eggwish always cracks eggs on the floor and makes a mess and I have to clean it up and get Eggwish out of trouble.

Micah: Where did Dad go?
Me: Who?
Micah: Dad. Travis.
Me: I don't know who you're talking about! Maybe describe him to me so I know who you mean.
Micah: Um. He's tall. Handsome. 
Grey: SUPER handsome. 

Micah: What is that on the sheep?
Me: Those are his testicles.  That's how you can tell the boy and girl sheep apart, only the boys have testicles.
Micah: Hmm... That one doesn't have chestnuts, I think it must be a girl!

Me: Does anyone have to go to the bathroom before we leave?
Grey: I don't. I don't feel anything filled up in me.

Me: I spy something gray.
Grey: My name!
Me: No.
Grey: My daddy's hair!

Me: What should we have for dinner?
Micah: How about Corn Dinner Pie?

Me: Come into the kitchen.
August: Chicken!
Me: I didn't say chicken, I said kitchen.
August: Chicken! Duck!

Grey (to his new teacher): My dad will come and pick him up. You'll see, he's the handsome one. 

Me: What do you guys like about the new house?
Micah: I like Uncle Rowan the best!
Me: Wait, who's Uncle Rowan?
Micah: Just one of my new friends. He lives downstairs. 

Grey: Father in Heaven (that's what Grandma Pitcher says), thank you for my dinner. The missionaries are here and I like them, and so is Katie and Grandpa. I thought I didn't know what Katie looked like, but when she got here, I DID know. 
Micah: Psst, say "thank you for my hands, your hands help you do things."
Grey: Thank you for my hands and arms and all my parts. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


barbara woods said...

so cute , i love your blog. makes me smile

MARCIE said...

Apparently Jesus stays up later than Heavenly Father. Good to know.
And now August is joining in the conversation! Cute stuff Becky.

Natasha and Jesse said...

This made me laugh. I loved the one about setting the dream aside! Too cute.