Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 38

The photos this week really crack me up. These are evidently children that take care of themselves. They dress and clean themselves, they entertain themselves. They no longer care to listen to any of my advice or opinions. They're just their own little people. I guess that's fine, I just thought I had until middle school to prepare for this. 


 Grey made himself "a beautiful necklace and two beautiful braclets" this week. He wears them always. Also, those are baby socks, but he likes how bright they are. And he insists on shorts and long-sleeve almost every day. He's a fashionable young man.


A t-shirt I hate and a beanie that's too big. And oh, yeah. That's his new face for photos. Nothing like a sensible sleepy-eye and closed mouth grimace to make mom take the camera away. 


I did dress the baby, but it was actually against his wishes. August has recently decided that he hates wearing clothes and will scream for a half hour every morning and evening after I dress him or put him in pajamas. So obviously, he ends up naked for much of the time. And oh, no wiping his face. Obviously. 

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Mary said...

Its your dream to have children who dress feed and clean themselves. Lets face it anytime they do it for themselves you can read a few more pages of a book.