Monday, October 5, 2015

Black and White

Now that we live in a new house with lots of wall-space, I've been aching to put up "new" pictures. Except that the pictures I want to put up aren't new. They're old! 

I've always felt a deep love and connection to my grandmother "Babalou," whose name sake I am (she was Louise, I am Rebeccah Louise). When her husband, my great Grandpa, celebrated his 90th birthday party a couple years ago- dozens of old photos were gathered together by my relatives and scanned into a slideshow. I loved all of the photos and wanted to hang them on all my walls (of which I had very few, at the time). 

In the past two years, Travis' grandparents have both had similar birthday celebrations that resulted in black and white photos being gathered and then distributed. 
I love feeling such a connection to the past of our family members. I am so excited to have wall-space to finally display some of these beautiful photographs, and I wanted to share some of my favorites here. 

Above, my great-grandpa Jim and great-Grandma Louise with my grandma Marcie (the toddler) and her little sister Linda. 

 Above, Travis' Grandpa Decon in the flat that he lived in during his church mission to the Philippines.

 Above, my Grandma Marcie with two of her siblings, all chubby cheeked and bundled up in the snow.

 Travis' grandma Bob and Grandma Mary Louise on their wedding day! How sweet is this picture? It looks like it's straight out of a magazine!

Travis' grandpa Decon again. I seriously wish I had a copy of every Steinbeck book with this picture as the cover. 

My cute great-grandparents again. I've always wanted my hair to look like this, but even when it was long, I could never, ever do it. Isn't she adorable? I love her!

 Travis' grandparents again at the beach. Travis' grandma was a serious looker. I love knowing my kids have such good genes coming in from both sides of the family.

Travis' great-grandpa lived (and lives still) up in Canada- he grew up poor and hardworking. And tall, and goofy. And I love him. 

 Another picture of Travis' grandparents that looks like its from an old movie or magazine- it's just so perfect and sweet!

Isn't this picture of my grandma Mary sweet? She and her big sister are wading in Minnesota, and yes- her sister is wearing lederhosen! I snagged this right off the wall from my grandma's house (Don't worry! I left the original!) after I saw it two summers ago. It's just been waiting to have a home on my wall. 

Travis' Grandma Mary Louise in the flowers. I think this might be Travis' favorite in the bunch, it's so artistic and sweet. 

 Check out my cool great-great grandma Bessie! She rode a motorcycle and my grandpa... rode in the side car!

How handsome is Travis' grandpa Decon? Seriously, what did I say about good genes!

I'm excited to print and frame the above two photos as Christmas decorations. The first is of my great-grandparents and their family and the second is of Travis' grandma having a Christmas tea party. How perfect! I love them. 

I love seeing these old photos so much. Sometimes I just need a reminder that human beings are all the same. I love seeing that my grandmothers did the same things that my children do- pull each other on sleds, wade in overflowing ditches, read stories, kiss babies, have tea parties. Any relatives of mine or Travis that are reading this? Email me more photos! I love them so, so much. They bring such a sense of comfort and peace to me when I look through them. 
I love knowing that families can be together forever, and I seriously can't wait to see some of these wonderful men and women again and in the prime of their lives (as it were). 
In the meantime, those grandparents of ours that are still around (okay, most of them! We are pretty lucky) should come and visit me in my new house. There are pictures of you going up on our walls and a mediocre guest bedroom waiting for you. 


Unknown said...

Seriously such a great idea! We will have to get them from you and/or my parents! - Camille

MARCIE said...

What great photos! How come your copies look better than my originals? Love seeing the other families as well. Travis's great grandmother reminds me of Susan Sarandon.