Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wild Nights Are My Glory!

(Can anyone name that book quote?)

The weather outside is frightful! There isn't snow yet, but it has been so blustery! Our new house is at the mouth of a canyon and the wind really rips and howls here, rushing through the canyon and out at us. There are leaves and water swirling in the air today and the trees in our yard are shaking like there's an earthquake.
And, of course, we LOVE it! Its a good excuse to light candles and play Christmas music- living in the semi-dark. And obviously we run around outside and come in shivering and exhilarated- ready for cookies and snuggling!
And I always seem to get the best pictures in weather like this. There's a little more drama in the photos with no harsh light but beautiful shadows and cloud-bounced sunlight.
I love these sweet boys.

(He wants to carry an umbrella, but when it's open- it blows him away. So he keeps it closed.)

Psst: It's from A Wrinkle in Time.



barbara woods said...

pretty kids

Unknown said...

The last photo is one for the wall! Can't wait to snuggle up in some cold weather with you

Polly said...

i want your kids you should come visit
PS this is katie