Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Family Pictures

Over the holidays, we were able to spend lots of time with Travis' family and my own family. We took family pictures with both groups- and they turned out pretty cute... except for my unruly children, of course! I love that these pictures are both so different! We took pictures with the Pitchers up at Sundance ski resort, and pictures with my family in my sister Mary's driveway in Arizona. 

I love this cute picture of Travis' parents with all their grandsons. We loved having James and Finn visit (from Perth, Australia) and the boys loved spending time with their only cousins.

 Look at all those beautiful, tall blond people! Sometimes I still feel like a little hobbit when I'm with my in-laws!

Family pictures, take two. 

My siblings and I. My little sister Katie is only 10, and is the boys' favorite human on the planet- except (maybe) for Travis. My cute sister Mary is 8 months pregnant here (although she's currently a few days past her due date, and we are all anxiously carrying around our phones- waiting for the text that tells us she's in labor!). And my handsome brother-twin Jack, who is 18 and surprisingly tall next to all his shorty-sisters.

We loved being together over the holidays- even if we didn't get pictures taken in time to send out a christmas card. Maybe i'll send out Valentine's day cards this year instead...



MARCIE said...

Really wonderful family photos!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, your hair is so long! I love all of these pictures!