Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Study in Eyes

Louise's eyes are definitely blue- and yet, they are distinctly different than the blue eyes of Grey and Micah. So I started trying to find pictures of all my kids eyes to compare... and of course I got carried away. So here you go.





Then I made this little collage, like a crazy person with lots of free time. (I don't have lots of free time and am also hopefully not crazy.)
What do you think? I think Lu's eyes are shaped the most like Grey's eyes. August and Micah's eyes have a sorta downward slant on the outside, but are SUCH different colors, and Micah's eyes are so heavily lidded.
This is apparently how I exert my mental energies, comparing my children's eyeballs.



Natasha and Jesse said...

So interesting! I love genetics! I have brown eyes, my husband has blue/green eyes and our oldest has hazel eyes, our daughter has blue eyes and our youngest son has really light blue eyes! And I thought they would all have brown. ��

MARCIE said...

The stackables! That was fun! And they are all beautiful, eyes and all!