Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby in my belly

This morning my mom sent me a picture that my littlest sister Kathryn drew of me.
She is 5, (Yes, we're 16 years apart!) and I LOVE this picture. I want it to be my background on my computer.
I think I will make it so.

This is Kathryn, taken a few months ago over Easter vacation. Isn't she cute?

We told my siblings a few weeks ago over Skype, since they live in Montana and we live in Utah. My dad said "You guys better go talk to Becky since she has important news," but Jack (13) and Kathryn had other things to do.
Kathryn said "Will you just tell us your big news already?"
"Okay," I said, "it has to do with Kathryn being an aunt and Jack being an uncle."
Jack got it and yelled "Kathryn! Becky's pregnant! Becky's having a baby!"
But Kathryn didn't get it at all.

Travis had me stand up so my stomach was on the screen.
"There's a baby in here!" Travis yelled shaking my stomach a little.

I guess that confused her more since later that day my mom heard Kathryn telling an old woman that today over Skype Travis "shoved a baby into Becky's stomach."
At least she knows there's a baby in there.
How it got there isn't as important.


Chris said...

Did you ever see Alien?

Unknown said...

I hate it when babies are shoved into my stomach!! :) oh man, Kathryn is the best ever!! :)