Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY: Monster? Buddy?

This week I spent a lot of time making this little guy.
It shouldn't have taken me a lot of time.
In fact, if I'd just sat down and done it I probably only would have spent an hour or two on the project.

But I made the legs too long and they were impossible to stuff without a long thin stick to shove down the stuffing.

And then I couldn't figure out how to get the arms on the outside of the body.
But now... tah-dah!

I did get the idea from Simple Sewing for Baby, but I didn't use a pattern. I used about a yard and a half of fabric (from Ikea!), and Travis drew the dopey face on Olfie.
Yes, we named him Olfie.
I especially like the name because whenever Travis talks to Olfie, (which he does when he passes him sitting on the couch) he speaks in a thick, fake Minnesotan accent.
Oh, Olfie.

I like that he has a little mask on.


Polly said...

Very cute! That looks like a lot of work. The fabric is super fun. The legs remind me of a spider. You are so creative.

Mary said...

WOW I love you this thing is so cute.

Lisa said...


alliehallmarr said...

i'm having so much fun looking through your DIY projects! you are so talented and it makes me want to bust out my old sewing machine again!