Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Since I've been pregnant I've received many strange compliments.
Like, "Wow, you're really getting fat!" (which I take as a compliment and actually kinda like to hear) or "You're so good at dressing cute, I hate when pregnant women wear tight shirts, I don't want to see their nasty bellies!" (which I do not take as a compliment, because it implies that I too have a "nasty" belly that I am good at hiding. Which I don't, my belly's freaking awesome.)

BUT, my favorite, favorite compliments by far are those directed to me about my husband.
Because he really is mind-blowingly amazing, and when others recognize how great he is it is a compliment to me.
Because somehow I snagged him.
Which means I've got something special too.

Here are some of my favorite things people have said about my husband:

"You have a priceless husband. He's so good at putting you and the babies first."

A woman said to him "Wow, you must be a very caring, helpful husband," then to me, "You sure are lucky." (I know. )

People tell me often how good, and calming he is. As if I didn't know that. Every time I have a meltdown it's pretty clear how calming he is.
And people say what a good dad he'll be, and how handsome he is.
My favorite compliment recently directed at Travis might embarrass both Travis and the man who said it, but I'm telling you anyway because every time I think about it I feel giggly and it makes me happy.
A few weeks ago a man at church said to Travis "I wish I was tall and handsome like you."
Travis is tall and handsome, isn't he?

This is us like a year and a half ago when we were engaged:

I love this picture. Look at how tall and handsome Travis is.

Also, on Sunday when I was on bedrest Travis cleaned the whole house and did dishes, and vacuumed and SCRUBBED OUT THE OVEN AND STOVETOP.
Then he made homemade pot stickers for dinner.
Best husband ever? No doubt about it.
Compliment him in your comments. I insist upon it.

(also, my title is not misspelled. It is a pun. Travis and I are complementary. Get it?)


Polly said...

I'm beginning to see a pattern on your facebook thumbs up, 15 people every time. Who are these 15 people and why do they give you a thumbs up? Why don't they leave a comment? What can I say about Travis, I compliment him all the time. I always tell Kathryn she needs to find a nice husband someday that is just like Travis. I do think you compliment each other perfectly. Thank goodness he has a calming affect, I have passed the torch to Travis. Yeah Travis! Also he is extremely patient.

Becky Pitcher said...

No, if you like it once it stays "liked" forever.
You like the blog, not the individual post.

The Stanley's said...

Are you still in bed?

And yes I too will compliment Travis. He is very handsome and very patient and very kind and creative! You are a lucky girl and he is a lucky guy because you are pretty awesome yourself.

(I know this was not a request for compliments aimed toward you, but you are deserving)

MARCIE said...

I am guessing that you are NOT on bed rest?That is good. You would get bored quickly. You were already bored for a short time yesterday. Luckily you have that wonderful Travis to take care of you. (Was that good enough?) Let's hope HE doesn't get bored!

Jessica D. said...

I'm incredibly jealous of both you for finding equally amazing people who are going to be amazing parents of (I'm sure) amazing children.

Also, that is an adorable picture.

Marge Bjork said...

you are both fantastic. it made my summer that you invited me to make jam with you. and travis is stellar at documentary and just an all around good friend. like you both.

Unknown said...

You'll discover why we are so blessed to have such awesome hubands even more in this next stage of life. I know that I am super thankful for a good husband, especially with the arrival of James. And I dont want to complement Travis as an awesome husband but an awesome brother!

Lisa said...

It has only been a year and a half? What? I felt like you guys have been married forever.

How do you feel about this compliment?

I love you!

Mary said...

Travis you stud...got a brother?

haha thats creepy your brothers like 12 gross I take it back.
But you are good you make becky better :)

p.s. my word verification is psycho haha