Wednesday, December 1, 2010

two babies in my belly

I like to post pictures my 5-year old sister draws of me.
As you may remember from this pregnant picture, or this picture of her holding a babe.

But this may be my favorite.
My mom found it on Kathryn's bedroom floor.

Take it in for a minute (click to see it in it's full size):

Here are my favorite things about this picture:
1. Travis is the ENTIRE length of the paper, but I am so short. He must really seem tall to her.
2. The babies are hanging upside-down inside my stomach.
3. One of the babies appears to have either an afro or a halo... not quite sure which.
4. The babies both have umbilical cords.
5. I only have one leg.

It's awesome, right?
Also, here are Kathryn's suggestions for naming the babies:
Tiger, Issac, James, Rowan, Maurice, Ian or whatever my favorite name is, but one should be named Ian or Tiger at least.

The other day she said, "It's really bad if babies don't come out head first."
My mom said, "Yeah, that's right. Who told you that?"
and Kathryn replied, "I figured it out, Mom. Everybody knows that."


Nana B said...

that is so typically Kathryn, she is so funny, maybe you need to hop around on your 1 leg to keep the babies in that position so they are ready when it is birthing time.

MARCIE said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! That is quite the stick figure for Travis, Hilarious! K. catches it all and reduces it to the simplest common denominator!

Mary said...

Haha I love this picture, you only have one leg and your babies are hanging upside down like some sort of bats.

John,Tori, Alison, Aaron, And Maggie said...

that is so cute great job Kathryn