Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Photography

I am a baby photographer.
In fact, I used to work with Bella Baby Photography taking pictures of newborns at the hospital.
Maybe it's because I spent so much time around moms who'd just had babies, but a few nights ago Travis and I had this tearful (on my part only) conversation.

Becky: I had a really good idea.
Travis: What?
Becky: When the babies are born we should talk to whatever Bella Baby person is on staff and tell them we'll pay them 75$ to do our babies' pictures. Since we'd have to pay 140$ for a whole cd of photos but she only gets like 50$ commission. It's a win-win.
Travis: I'm pretty sure that's illegal for her to do, since she's working for Bella Baby at the time. You can just take the pictures and they'll be better anyway because you're an amazing photographer. 
Becky: Not right after I've given birth! I don't want to have that responsibility. Plus, I want to be in some pictures.
Travis: Well, I'll take a bunch too.
Becky: But I want YOU in the pictures!
Travis: We'll both take some of each other.
Becky: I want us BOTH in the pictures! [Crying may have begun here]
Travis: I'll set up the camera and then come be in the pictures.
Becky: Babies are fussy! They won't let you just set up the camera and take a picture a minute later! PLUS I don't want to have to deal with it! I just want someone else to take all the pictures! [Did shouting begin here? Yes.]
Travis: Okay, well we'll figure something out.
Becky: We need to try to figure it out now!
Travis: We don't. And I'm not sure why you're freaking out right now.
Becky: All I suggested was an awesome idea and you're like "Take your own birth pictures!" I CAN'T take my own birth pictures!
Travis: We'll have someone else take pictures.
Becky: We don't have any friends who are photographers! Why don't we have any photographer friends? All of Cole and Suzie's friends are photographers!
Travis: We're not Cole and Suzie.
Becky: Why aren't we friends with Jonathan Canlas? If I was Suzie I bet he'd come take pictures of the babies for free! Why haven't we made an effort to be friends with Jon?!
Travis: Becky. I'm sorry we're not friends with Jon. We don't have anything in common with him.
Becky: We must! We're both friends with lots of the same people!
Travis: Like what? Give me some examples.
Becky: Like... we both live in Utah. We're both married. We both have kids, almost. And, um... is he polynesian? I don't remember if he's polynesian.
Travis: We're not polynesians, so that doesn't matter.

This conversation trailed off after a while.
But it was no less pathetic towards the end.
My poor husband.

And are you wondering who the amazing Jonathan Canlas (who I haven't asked, but I'm SURE won't take our babies' pictures for free) is? This is he.
I wanted him to take our wedding pictures, but alas! We couldn't afford him then either.
Also, yesterday someone left a comment linking me to THESE amazing pictures, which is when I decided to post this conversation we'd had so recently. (You can click on the birth stories link on the side of his website for other family's baby pictures)

And are you a photographer? Or (even better) a baby photographer? And are you my friend who loves me and wants to take pictures of my family for FREE?
Yes please. I accept your offer.
Thank you.



Teeners said...

I have a sister-in-law who is a pretty decent photographer, and loves taking baby pictures. And I would LOVE to help her take pictures of your twins. Call me.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew someone in Utah who is an AMAZING Photographer and who could take your babies' pictures. Sadly, I'm all the way on the east coast and don't know anyone in Utah. :( Good luck in your search and you're right. Jonathan Canlas' pictures are awesome!!

You're pictures are awesome as well. I'm sure you'll take some great photos of your babies after they get here. Plus, who will know them better than you, and who can capture their personality better than you? :D That's just my two cents. lol

Polly said...

Why does your sister Lisa have to live sooo far away? I'm not happy about that. You worry to much anyway and we will get tons of great photos!

Angie said...

If I lived there I would TOTALLY take free pictures of your babies. Alas, I live in New York. Dang it.

Lexi said...

I'd be willing to try!

Jonathan Canlas said...

this is the funniest thing EVER :)

leah marie said...

Hi Becky! I don't know if you remember me (or if we ever really met?!) but I'm Brooke and Kaylie's friend! I'm a graphic designer and photographer for Utah Valley Magazine and I would love, love to shoot your new little family! It would be such a fun experience for me since I've never shot newborn babies! Anyways, if you're interested, let me know! Also, congrats congrats :) I'm loving reading your blog!