Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chicken Baby

Raw roast chickens make me think of babies.
That is weird, I'm sure, but every time I cook a whole chicken I can't help but imagine that I'm rinsing off, patting dry and seasoning a small child.
Chickens just have little arms and legs, and are the same color as small pink people.

I'm not creepy or hungry for children either. I can't help it!

So yesterday I was rinsing this chicken off under the faucet and holding it's slippery body the same way I might if I were rinsing off a child and I was thinking how heavy the chicken was.
I thought to myself "This is good practice for bathing a baby in the sink," and then I checked to see how heavy my little chicken was.

3.18 lbs.

Which means, he's already smaller than my babies.
Since they're about 2 lbs each. So total chicken weight is about 3/4 of my total baby weight (not including all the weight that isn't actual baby fat).

Next time you see or eat a chicken, please think about how big the babies in my stomach are.
They are very big.

Is this blog post creepy?



MARCIE said...

YES! You don't have to share EVERYTHING you think!

ritabobita said...

I wouldn't say creepy, just strange.

Mary said...

Thats creepy.

Nana B said...

Grandchild sometimes you express the weirdest things, but we love you in spite of your weirdness.

Marge Bjork said...

I think you need to start cooking large turkeys or small whales. Then twin babies won't be a big deal. What? A fifteen pound child? That's nothing compared to the small giraffe I just prepared for dinner the other day!