Wednesday, February 9, 2011

32 Weeks

No ultrasound this week, just a doctors appointment.
Actually, two so far.
Monday was our scheduled appointment and then yesterday I called the doctor with a question about a new pain (I have lots of pains, usually I just assume they're normal [pregnancy is hard] but every once and a while one stumps me.) and he said to come in again.

Good news, I'm still pregnant. I'm not on bedrest. Nothing is wrong.
Pain is normal.

I also had my first NST (non-stress test) where they hooked me up to several monitors and kept track of the babies heart beats and the number of my contractions over an hour.
The babies were very wiggly and every time the nurse found their heart beats they would move again and she'd have to reset the contraptions. I was very itchy from all that goo they use to make the ultrasounds and dopplers work.

Apparently I'm also having a contraction every minute, but they're just Braxton Hicks contractions so I'm not going into labor anytime soon.
They even checked to make sure I'm not dilated and I'm not. (Whew!)

The contractions aren't painful and I don't even feel most of them, but they were waking me up in the night because every time I changed positions my whole belly would seize up and get very hard and it was much more  difficult positioning that than a big soft belly is. Softer I should say.

Anyway, here's how I look this morning. I made Travis take my picture for you before he left for work, thus my unkept appearance. It was 7:30am.
Aren't you glad I got dressed though?

And if you're thinking, as I often do when I see these pictures, "You don't look THAT big," then look at this. This was me on New Years Day. See how big I look now?


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tammy said...

You look great! I hate those stress tests, I have had them. They are just boring. I'm glad you have seen that movie. I am so excited for you and I love hearing how everything is going.