Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I heard lots of comments at church on Sunday about my gargantuan size.
Including from my husband.
We got to church early so we could stake out the couch in the foyer and not have to sit in the pews (I can last about 15 minutes on the pews these days), and so I can get up and go to the bathroom several times during the hour without actually disrupting the meeting.

As I waddled back from the bathroom, Travis looked up at me, chuckled and said "Wow. You really do look huge today."
Then he proceeded to draw these very kind pictures of me:

Aw, look. At 40 weeks I have my babies!



Mary said...

your poor arms must be tired from staying up all day

tammy said...

You are the only person I know that is pregnant right now so you are the only person I can suggest this movie to but there is a movie called The Business of Being Born. Have you heard of it. If not you should see it. It will educate and empower you.