Wednesday, February 23, 2011

34 Weeks

So I've made it to 34 weeks, and I'm up 30 pounds from my starting weight.
Is it weird that whenever they have me step on a scale I'm disappointed by how little I've gained?
It feels like I should be heavier.
All is still well, although I've now had three painful contractions.  Previously my contractions have only been uncomfortable, tight little Braxton Hicks but these three hurt!
Luckily they're still not real contractions (lucky?) and one was yesterday afternoon and two were late last night and in the wee hours this morning. They're too spread out to be considered frequent or regular.

Aaand, my blood pressure is officially up.
This entire pregnancy I've had perfect blood pressure. Actually, my entire life nurses have complimented me on my perfect blood pressure.
But yesterday it was (if I remember) 138 over 80.
Which isn't "high," but is certainly rising. So today I'm spending the day in bed.
Becky's orders, though. Not doctor's orders.
I'm not really on bedrest.
And here's what it looks like to be pregnant with two babies who are probably each 5 lbs by now:

Travis crouched down for that first picture and I said, "Isn't that a highly unflattering angle?
"Oh yeah," he said. "But I thought that was the point." 
Well, not really the point, but you get it.... right?



KOstvig said...

Well, Becky best of luck, you're as far as I made it with Liz and she weighed 6#4oz. You're doing great and look great.. You're also 3 weeks past where I hadEli and so you are doing wonderful

Polly said...

You look adorable!

The Jacksons said...

You don't know me but I'm friends with Brittany Mangleson and just happened upon your blog about a month ago. Anyways I've shamelessly been blog stalking you because I love reading what you have to say and look forward to your daily posts! I'm not a twin mama myself but have a little 9 month old and can somewhat relate to you and the whole pregnancy thing. I'm rooting for you and can't wait for you to have those babies so I can see pictures! Good luck Becky!!

-Niki (one of your biggest blog stalking fans)