Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DIY: Sunday Dress Onesies

 I'm trying to copy everything Mandey does, and several months ago she made this super cute onesie (check it out here):

and recently as I was lying in bed feeling unproductive but also unable to get up and move around especially well I remembered that I have several white onesies and a few unbelievably tall stacks of felt scraps.

So decided to dress up some onesies... literally.
And even though this project is pretty self-explanatory, I also decided to write a how-to.

Supplies needed: a needle and thread, a onesies (or t-shirt... or even pillowcase. Pretty much anything you could sew felt to), a piece of felt cut into a shape.

Step one: Cut out your felt.
Step two: Sew it on to your onesie.


That's pretty much it.
I did the tie and bow tie in two pieces each, so if you do that, may I suggest actually laying the two pieces down together before you start sewing, or you may find (like I did) that the top of your tie is above the neckline of the onesie.

Anyway, I just picture the boys wearing these to church with little cardigans, and their hair parted silly.
So awesome, right?
Travis says maybe we're mean parents, but what could be mean about making them wear such classy formal wear?

p.s. See that blurry lump at the bottom of the last photo? That is my belly. It is very hard to take pictures of things with it in my way.
I didn't crop it out so you could appreciate my struggles.



tammy said...

I love these!

breee said...

I too, enjoy these! Very clever and I looooove the bow tie and the thought of parted hair and cardigans. 41 days, good grief!

Elizabeth said...

Very Cute! You are far more talented than I am! The boys will look adorable! But I suggest you make more as back ups, because knowing babies as well as I do, that adorable outfit will be ruined before you make it to church! That's the way with babies. SO make lots of spares!